Properties, features and uses of green cat's eyes

Among gems, the cat's eye stone stands out with its special mystical beauty. It is a mineral with a narrow holographic stripe of light inside, reminiscent of the eye of a cat, an animal that was believed to be associated with the other world.

The effect of a cat's eye with a characteristic vertical pupil is achieved only when cutting a cabochon. This mineral is known as an assistant to mystics, clairvoyants and magicians, a material for amulets and amulets, preserving its strength and beauty in jewelry.

History and origin

It is one of the most ancient and expensive minerals known to mankind. Judging by archaeological finds, jewelry and talismans with a cat's eye were worn by kings and high priests several thousand years BC. The ancients believed that the stone, which looked like a shimmering cat's eye, gave its owner an understanding of the language of birds and animals.

cat's eye

And according to Indian Vedas, the gem forces its owner to undergo spiritual tests that will lead him to rebirth. Most esotericists agree that the cat's eye has the ability to develop harmony of character, generosity, and bring positivity to thoughts. It balances the energy of yang and yin, so it is suitable for wearing by both men and women.

The gem is widely known in the East and India, where its large deposits are located. It appeared in Europe at the end of the 19th century and immediately created a sensation. Since then, interest in it has only grown.

The mineral itself is called chrysoberyl (cymophane).

ColorBluish-green, brown, brownish-green, green, gray
TransparencyTransparent, translucent
KinkUneven, conchoidal
Density3.5—3.84 g/cm³

Cat's eye stone with milk and honey color
Natural chrysoberyl most often has a yellow-green color. The extraordinary effect of the cat's pupil after processing in the form of a cabochon appears due to the many parallel voids along the crystallographic axis, inclusions of asbestos and rutile “needles”. All together they create the mesmerizing internal glare of the stone.

The best color for tsimofan is “milk and honey,” when a bright white highlight moves under the opaque bright yellow surface of the stone. This is the most expensive variety, according to the international gemological classification. Cheaper shades include taupe, gray and brown. In rare cases, there is a play of different shades from different viewing angles.

Some types of cat's eyes are sapphires and beryls.

The following precious and semi-precious stones have similar appearance and physical and chemical properties to a cat's eye: scapolite, quartz, selenite, jade, spinel, corundum, moon and sun stones, tourmaline, diopside.

Cat's eye stone colors

To achieve the real effect, the cat's eye stone must be correctly oriented and polished by specialists. It is given a cabochon shape. To achieve the best effect, it is important that the graceful band of light that runs parallel to the axis of the cabochon is visible. Parallel tubular voids or minerals, the needle-like structure of which is extremely small, reflect light and form a special rim. This creates an optical overflow.

It is believed that the color of the mineral plays an important role for its owner and should depend on his type of activity:

  • The cat's eye is yellow. The stone is suitable for church ministers, scientists and teachers. The point of view of representatives of these professions is listened to. People around them trust them. If a person wants to make a strong impression and defend his own opinion, he needs to choose a cat's eye. It is better to wear rings or a pendant with it;
  • The cat's eye is golden brown in color. It is perfect for absolutely everyone who is in a position of power, holds a leadership position, and is also a military leader and administrator. On a subconscious level, the mineral will make its owner more self-confident and worthy of respect. People will follow his orders without any doubt. Products with it should be worn in a visible place. Then the cat's eye will be most effective;
  • The cat's eye is golden-green in color. It is suitable for bank workers, financiers, businessmen, as well as all people who strive for material well-being. This mineral attracts luck, profitable deals and excellent clients. It will give you self-confidence, make you develop and achieve your plans. To increase its impact, you should purchase a rosary with a cat's eye or a signet;
  • Cat's eye is dark green. It has a beneficial effect on people who work with their hands. With its help, they concentrate more easily. The mineral helps cope with nervous overload and stressful conditions. A pendant with it will protect you from the evil eye and envious people. The bracelet performs the same function.

Deposits in the world

Most often, this mineral is found in the thickness of granite or shale. It is mined in Sri Lanka, South Africa, the Czech Republic, Madagascar, India, Ceylon, Colorado, Brazil, Australia, and Russia.

Raw mineral cat's (tiger) eye

The deposits are being actively developed as more and more people learn about the healing and magical properties of the stone, and it is becoming more and more in demand.

Which stone to choose?

As we already mentioned, cat eyes can come in different shades. Gray gems look very harmonious on fair-haired girls. The necklace will add mystery to blondes and emphasize their individuality.

Light green stones look good on fair skinned women with red hair. The cat's eye not only carries magical properties, but can also emphasize the natural beauty of a person. The combination of fiery red hair with a green stone will highlight your appearance very favorably. Dark green gems are good for brunettes and brown-haired women.

Varieties and shades of mineral

The main natural colors of a cat's eye are grayish-golden with green, light brown, translucent grayish-brown. But there are also other varieties. Many are created by physically and chemically treating the original stone.

Golden-brown “tiger” is the stone of people in power, firefighters, rescuers, the military, and leaders. Gives authority, inspires others with unconditional respect for the owner. It should be worn openly. You can place on your desktop or in your car a figurine of a creature that evokes warm feelings, made from a brown tiger.

A thread of small tiger-colored cat's eye stone

Dark green is an assistant to workers engaged in physically difficult work. Helps restore strength and emotional balance, protects against the evil eye, and enhances concentration.

Cat's eye dark green

Honey, yellow, opal yellow is the stone of those who are engaged in education: clergy, teachers, as well as lawyers and diplomats. Promotes suggestion, helps the spoken word penetrate hearts and minds. This variety is the most expensive.

Cat's eye beads, golden honey color

Light green is a talisman for financiers, businessmen and traders. Helps to catch luck in business. Recommended to everyone who is trying to achieve financial success and build a career.

Thread from light green cat's eye

White - protects young children from illnesses, and mothers from worries associated with children, strengthens the family bond between them.

Cat's eye white

Crimson-cherry interspersed with hematite - gives good health, protects against wild animals, relieves infertility, helps to give up nicotine addiction, and banishes depression. Establishes a warm, friendly atmosphere in the house and extinguishes conflicts. Recommended for athletes for greater endurance.

Cherry cat's eye beads

Blue is the stone of dreamers. It will help you choose the shortest path to realizing your plans for those who have already decided what they want, but do not know how to take the first step.

Earrings with blue cat's eye

Blue - gives courage to those who suffer from excessive shyness, but at the same time endows the owner with caution and foresight, acute intuition and flair. A blue stone can be hung above the entrance inside the apartment.

Threads of dark blue stones

Pink - relieves insomnia, drives away nightmares. It is enough to place it at the head of the bed, and bad visions will not dare to break into your sleep. Helps tame jealousy.

Pink cat eye bracelet

Violet - calms the nervous system, gives balance, relieves the consequences of a concussion. Capable of leading the owner to spiritual insights.

Strings of small purple cat's eye stones

Black, gray, black-blue-gold “falcon” - endow a person with attractiveness, magnetism, and a sharp mind. Suitable for those who strive for recognition. They give you self-confidence and the ability to feel the right moment to implement your plans.

Threads of small cat's eye gray

Bracelet with cat's eye color “Hawkeye”

Synthetic imitations come in different qualities and have a rich palette of shades: lilac, orange, beige, olive, rainbow, bright red. But don't forget that this is just jewelry. It looks great on a beach holiday, but has neither healing nor mystical properties.

Important: the peculiarity of wearing a cat’s eye is that the frame should be silver, and if possible it is better to do without it, since the stone reveals its qualities to the maximum when it comes into contact with the owner’s skin.

Color features

A light green cat's eye adds good luck to its owner and makes a person more purposeful. It is difficult to say whether this is true or not, but since ancient times the stone has been considered incredibly strong. It is recommended to be worn by those people whose activities are related to finance. Gems in rosaries or signets have the most effective effect.

But dark green chrysoberyl has very strong protective properties. For the greatest manifestation of the qualities of a gem, it must be worn so that it is clearly visible. Therefore, bracelets or pendants are very good in this sense. Such amulets are suitable for people of all professions, especially those whose work involves increased risk.

What medicinal properties does the gem have?

The cat's eye has strong energy and is a good assistant in healing practices. But even without being a healer, anyone can acquire such a talisman in order to improve their health.

Attention: of course, no one disputes the importance of official treatment or calls for abandoning it. But it will be more effective if you have this wonderful mineral with you, which enhances the effect of medications and therapeutic procedures.

When and for what diseases is it recommended to wear cat eye products for medicinal purposes:

  • angina;
  • cold;
  • intercostal neuralgia;
  • nervous disorders;
  • cycle disruptions in women;
  • hypertension;
  • asthma;
  • alcoholism;
  • joint problems;
  • muscle tension, even to the point of cramps;
  • soreness in some skin diseases;
  • lymph stagnation;
  • decreased visual acuity;
  • disorders of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • regeneration processes of skin, muscles and bones.

Also, wearing a stone activates the brain and helps make decisions in difficult situations, and in the postoperative period speeds up recovery.

Earrings with green cat's eye

The healing properties of the stone will help smooth out the uneven character of its owner: it will make the aggressive one softer, and it will give courage to the meek. Some experts believe that the main meaning of the cat's eye is the harmonization of personality and space.

In adolescence, emotional overload and a dramatic perception of the world are inevitable. An amulet or decoration made from a cat's eye will help reduce psychological stress and protect the young person from mood swings and rash actions. It is better to wear it in the form of a rosary or a bracelet.

Bright bracelet made of cat's eyes in different colors


Jewelry craftsmen have to make professional efforts to present the cat's eye in all its glory. The optical effect requires special processing to highlight the uniqueness of the stone.

The placement of the shining beam should be positioned so that the jewelry emits inner light. The mineral occurs in nature in the following colors, each of which has a specific function.

Yellow color

A crystal of yellowish shades looks advantageous in a pendant or ring. The vibrations of the yellow mineral help in oratory. The listener gains confidence in the person who wears such jewelry. Such an artifact will come in handy when you need to convince someone or influence a decision. This jewel is for the chosen ones, helping people who do not wish harm.

Brown color with golden tint

To gain self-confidence, the energy of a brown-golden cat's eye helps. Jewelry with a stone of this shade makes a person authoritarian in the face of his subordinates. The use of the gem is desirable for representatives of activities that require maintaining discipline and order. It is best to wear items with stones so that they are on public display.

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Golden-green color of stone

This shade of cat's eye contributes to the development and regulation of financial activities. The energy of the gem helps to “conquer” cash flows. This amulet supports people with an analytical mind, helps in working with numbers and making calculations. To make fortune smile more often in business, it is better to wear the crystal in the form of a ring, bracelet or rosary.

Dark green cat eye

A gem of this shade increases endurance, strengthens physical strength, improves concentration, which helps representatives of many professions that require energy expenditure.

By increasing resistance to stress, it gives a person the opportunity to make the right decisions in difficult and even extreme situations. Those who are suitable for professions where risk is possible should insure themselves with a reliable amulet with a dark green stone.

This is interesting! When choosing a crystal, it is not enough to know about the unique properties that help achieve the goal. When purchasing such a useful item, it is better to rely on your inner instinct, which tells you how much you like the stone. This method of determining a suitable stone can be used by people with hypersensitivity and representatives of creative professions.

Magical properties of the stone

Astrologers believe that “eye” stones are the “eyes” of space, with the help of which the Universe collects information about what is happening in the world and transmits it to the owner of the stone. And it was not by chance that the cat's eye was chosen by the ancient priests as a protective amulet. Those who work with energy use its magical properties to enhance intuition, improve clairvoyance, expand the ability to interact with astral entities and protect against negativity and bad influences.

It has been noticed that in case of danger, the gem warns the owner: it becomes heavier, heats up, and even begins to interfere. This means that the owner needs to be vigilant.

Important: those who wear such an amulet need to know that it does not support dishonest plans and can use its power to prevent their implementation. But he will never bring misfortune even on an unlucky owner; at most, he will tie his hands or confuse the roads in order to prevent an evil deed.

Wearing an amulet made of this stone will help single people meet a suitable partner, and married people will help smooth out tensions and contradictions in relationships.

Relationships between people are harmonized if one gives the other a piece of jewelry or a souvenir made from a cat's eye. Even if there is a serious conflict between these people, such a gift will smooth out the contradictions and help find a common language. When placed as a pendant on the throat chakra, the mineral works wonders, endowing the wearer with charisma and charm.

Original pendant made of silver, with a blue cat's eye

This stone is also suitable for artists, writers, actors, diplomats - it will help realize the creative potential of everyone whose work is connected with words and persuasion.

Who is suitable according to their zodiac sign?

It is important to know how well the mineral suits representatives of various zodiac signs.

Let's outline the main points:

  1. Cat's Eye is a Taurus stone. It is ideal for Taurus: it provides them with confidence and strength, determination, allows them to create authority in society and achieve what they want, improve their financial well-being, and protects them from negative influences.
  2. The cat's eye is well suited for Virgos and Geminis, Cancers and Scorpios . They can also use it as a talisman. The impact will be great.
  3. The mineral helps Libra, Leo, Aries and Sagittarius .
  4. With some doubt, it is allowed to use a cat's eye as a talisman for Aquarius and Pisces. You can wear a stone, but not every day. It is necessary to give it a “rest”: since there is no ideal combination of energies, the stone must self-clean itself from negativity for some time, without contact with the owner.
  5. for Capricorns at all. Energetics will conflict, so it is better not to use it. If you like the look, you can purchase jewelry with a synthetic cat's eye.

Which signs are recommended to wear this stone?

Zodiac signCompatibility
a lion+

(“+++” – fits perfectly, “+” – can be worn, “-” – is strictly contraindicated)

Most sources say that the cat's eye is ideal for Libra, Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio according to the horoscope, and is strictly contraindicated for Aquarius (although officially it is not the birthstone of any sign at all, even the mysterious Ophiuchus).

But this information can be disputed, since interaction with a stone depends on many factors: the color of the mineral, the purity of the owner’s thoughts, the need for the gem to influence a particular organ, in modeling the situation, and so on. And given the peaceful nature of the cat's eye, the question of banning wearing is called into question.

Threads of multi-colored cat's eye oval shape

One thing can be said with confidence: signs with lighter energy will receive more strength, determination and confidence from the talisman, they will learn to take risks, emotional signs will become calmer, and powerful ones will be softer and wiser.

Briefly about everything

There are many legends associated with the cat's eye. Throughout the history of mankind, magic stones have inspired fear with their charms, forcing people to bow to their owner. Of course, in modern society such worship is simply impossible. Few people believe in magicians and sorcerers anymore. And the stone itself is no longer associated with otherworldly forces. And yet, experts confidently speak about the magical properties of this beautiful mineral.

The term "cat's eye" was originally used to describe the iridescent species of chrysoberyl. Later it began to be used for other minerals. The cat's eye effect is also characteristic of tourmaline and quartz. Therefore, the stones should be called as follows: “tourmaline cat's eye” or “quartz cat's eye”.

Where is it used?

All kinds of jewelry are made from the stone, which can be worn one at a time or in different combinations: earrings, rings, rosaries, cameos, cufflinks, necklaces, bracelets, pendants. It is also used in the production of souvenirs and amulets. The mineral very quickly tunes into the energy of the owner, establishes contact with him and becomes his third eye.

Brass pendant with cherry cat's eye

On which finger to wear a ring with this stone depends on what goals are set. To develop abilities - on a large scale. For career advancement - on the index. To increase attractiveness to the opposite sex - on the nameless one.


There are many cat eye jewelry available for sale. The choice of various models is quite wide. Stones are used to decorate pendants, bracelets, beads, earrings, and rings. Jewelry with green stones is not only a beautiful accessory, but also a reliable talisman, as well as an elegant accent to your wardrobe.

Unfortunately, half of the jewelry in stores is decorated with artificial chrysoberyls. Fake stones are now widely produced in the industry. The production of artificial mineral does not require any special costs. Fibrous blanks of a certain color are poured with molten glass mass. Soon it hardens, and the fibers themselves burn, forming tubular stones. It is simply impossible to visually distinguish chrysoberyl from a fake. Therefore, it is necessary to purchase jewelry with a cat’s eye in trusted places. And certainly not in street stalls. Products with such stones cannot be cheap.

When purchasing jewelry with a cat's eye, you need to provide them with proper care. Stones require delicate handling. Do not hit the product against metal objects or drop them. After wearing, the jewelry must be stored in a closed box or casket with soft walls inside. Ideally, each piece of jewelry should be in its own bag. This simple precaution will protect your jewelry from scratches and damage.

To clean cat eye items, you can use a soft brush and soapy water. The mineral can be polished with a piece of silk and suede. Simple care will restore the stone's shine and purity. It is not recommended to contact gems with cosmetics, detergents and powders, as all these substances can spoil the stone.

When purchasing jewelry in jewelry stores, be sure to inquire about the product certificate to protect yourself from counterfeiting.

How to spot a fake

You cannot buy a real cat's eye in the gem markets and in cheap ignoble frames, its cost is too high. It can only be purchased in a specialized store, with all the documentation, which will indicate whether it has been processed in any way.

  1. The mineral is very hard, leaves scratches on the glass, and only a diamond or ruby ​​can leave a mark on it. This quality is one of the criteria for verifying the authenticity of a gem.
  2. The second way to distinguish a fake from a natural stone is to place it in a dark place. Amazingly, a true cat's eye will begin to emit a faint glow, similar to the flickering of a cat's pupil in the darkness.
  3. The third sign of natural chrysoberyl is its natural shine, which is visible to the naked eye. And if you wipe the stone with a soft cloth, it will sparkle even brighter.
  4. The fourth method is the speed of warming the stone in your hand. The natural one will remain cool for a long time, and the synthetic one will heat up quickly.
  5. The fifth way is to observe whether the strip of light moves when the stone rotates. A real stone has a static stripe.

Important: natural cymophane is almost never used in earrings, because it is very difficult to find two stones with similar patterns. Beads from these stones are also created in isolated cases: the stone is quite heavy and very expensive, its cost is comparable to ruby, diamond, and sapphire.

Physical properties

Chrysoberyl has high hardness and density. It can be transparent or translucent with a glassy sheen. This type of cat's eye lends itself to exquisite cutting and is often used in jewelry making.

FormulaBeAl2O4 (beryllium aluminate).
ColorGolden-yellow, greenish-yellowish, bluish-green, emerald green, olive, brownish-green, in rare cases colorless. Sometimes there are specimens of unique gems with inclusions, stripes and dots that form a pattern.
ShineIt has a glass or diamond shine.
TransparencyIt has high transparency and sometimes shines through.
HardnessOn the Mohs scale it is 8.5. Due to its high hardness, it is fragile and lacks features; it can be processed with diamonds.
Density3.5–3.84 g/cm³
FormAccording to crystallographic parameters, it is characterized by a rhomboid shape.
KinkIt is distinguished by a conchoidal or uneven fracture with a greasy tint.
VarietiesCymophane (cat's eye) and Alexandrite.
SizeReaches up to 6 cm in diameter.
CleavageIn different samples, perfect, imperfect and weak are observed.

Favorable time to purchase

It is better to buy jewelry from this stone after drawing up the natal chart, and special attention should be paid to which house the descending lunar node Ketu is located in.

Aries5th, 9th, 12th of every month
Taurus9th, 11th of every month
Twins9th, 11th of every month
Cancer10th, 11th of every month
a lion8th, 9th, 11th of every month
Virgo3rd, 4th, 9th of every month
Scales2nd, 3rd, 11th of every month
Fish1st, 2nd, 10th of every month

Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius should consult an astrologer before purchasing a mineral.

cat tiger eye

If you are not confident in your ability to distinguish a real stone from a fake, and it is difficult to understand what kind of mineral is offered under the name “cat’s eye,” then it is better to use the services of an expert gemologist.

Types of stone

Cat's eye comes in a large range of shades. There is no strict division by variety. However, all colors are usually divided into groups:

  1. Green. The color is predominantly green-yellow, less often pure green. Among such stones, emerald-colored minerals are almost never found. Samples with blue are also quite rare. Dark green representatives are very popular, as they stand out with particularly bright highlights and saturation.
  2. Yellow. From light yellow to rich gold. The admixture of red color is quite rare. A slight green tint is acceptable. This group includes brindle and brown varieties.
  3. Blue. The brightness of such minerals varies greatly. You can see both sky blue and almost black stones. The blue cat's eye has a striking optical effect. Possible admixture of purple tint.
  4. Gray. Most representatives are of the quartz variety. Brightness varies greatly. There should not be any admixture of any shades. The exception is a slight green tint. This includes light gray, almost white samples. It is quite difficult to identify such stones, since their optical effect is weakly expressed.
  5. Pink. Most often, stones belonging to this group have a delicate color. Bright minerals are in most cases fake. This also includes rare lilac and violet specimens.

An important element is the degree of gloss. The paler and lighter the stone, the less noticeable the stripe. Therefore, black, blue, green and red representatives are considered the most popular.

Properties and applications of stones with the cat's eye effect

Stones with the cat's eye effect are used in the jewelry industry. They have a fairly high price, so they can rarely be found at crafts fairs.

Since ancient times, psychics have used gems as talismans and magical attributes. Lithotherapists talk about the healing properties of the cat's eye.

Physical properties

The description of cat's eye implies the physical properties of chrysoberyl. The stone has a high level of hardness, which is estimated on the mineralogical scale at 8.5 points.

The gems have a glassy luster. They shimmer in white, light green, yellow or yellow-green. There is a certain glow in the dark effect. There are transparent and translucent samples.

The chemical formula of chrysoberyl is BeAl2O4. Color determines the content of other substances. All samples with the cat's eye effect have rutile needles and voids in the structure.

The cleavage of the mineral is clear. The fracture is conchoidal and uneven.

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Medicinal properties

Lithotherapists believe in the healing properties of the stone.

The mineral struggles with problems such as:

  • colds, flu;
  • throat diseases;
  • neuralgia;
  • vision problems;
  • menstrual irregularities;
  • lung diseases of allergic origin;
  • diseases of bones and joints;
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • muscle cramps, muscle hypertonicity;
  • skin diseases;
  • memory impairment, decreased brain activity;
  • violation of tissue regeneration;
  • emotional instability caused by hormonal changes in adolescence.

To cope with such problems, you need to wear jewelry with a cat's eye. In some cases, the stone is used differently:

  1. Eye diseases. The gem is applied to each eye for 5 minutes daily. Additionally, its overflows are observed for half an hour.
  2. With high blood pressure, stones of yellow or brown tones are worn. Green specimens help cope with hypotension.
  3. Touching rosary beads from a cat's eye will help normalize your psycho-emotional state.
  4. To speed up the healing of wounds, it is enough to hold the gem over the damage.
  5. Pendants and beads will help cope with lung diseases.

But you should not rely solely on the strength of the mineral. Without classical medicine, it will not be possible to cope with diseases.

Magic properties

Even in ancient times, witches and magicians used the cat's eye for mystical purposes. They believed that the gem attracted tests, after passing which a person would earn the right to rebirth.

Magic properties:

  1. The cat's eye can warn the owner of danger. Feeling threatened, the stone becomes heavier and hotter, causing discomfort when worn.
  2. The mineral can add charisma to the owner.
  3. If you give a mineral to another person, it will help to achieve his favor: the enemy will become a friend, and the lover will pay attention to the giver.
  4. The gem attracts success and wealth. It is considered a symbol of financial well-being. A person with such a talisman becomes more successful, self-confident, and purposeful.
  5. The cat's eye enhances the owner's intuition and awakens hidden talents. It is believed that he is able to open the third eye and make the energy stronger.

As a talisman, the stone is framed only with a silver frame. The effect of the talisman becomes most pronounced if the cat's eye comes into contact with the skin. Depending on the effect you want to get from the gem, its color and shape are selected:

  1. To attract a soul mate, girls are recommended to wear a ring or pendant with a mineral.
  2. Blue gemstones will help cope with excessive temper and jealousy. The stone will protect its owner from bad influences from the outside.
  3. White stones are used to protect children from the evil eye, disease, and bad dreams.
  4. It is believed that rosaries or beads made from a large number of stones can prevent the death of the owner.
  5. Green and yellow specimens attract financial success. Such a talisman is necessary for businessmen, as well as those who want to climb the career ladder.
  6. A cat's eye amulet placed at home in the most visible place will help preserve love in the family.

The cat's eye is jealous and selfish. It is not recommended to combine it with other stones.

But according to other sources, combination with diamonds, hyacinths, rubies, and heliodors is allowed. A combination with amber and aventurine is acceptable.

To watch a video review on the topic:

Suitable by zodiac sign and name

The cat's eye is ideal for people born under the signs of Gemini and Cancer. The stone is categorically not suitable for Aquarius, as it enhances their negative qualities. Other signs can wear talismans with a gem, but their influence will be weakly expressed.

Esotericists recommend choosing the color of the stone depending on your profession:

  1. Yellow color is suitable for people who work with the “consciousness” of society (teachers, religious ministers, deputies). The gem helps to gain the trust of others.
  2. The brown talisman will help those who occupy management positions to increase self-confidence and earn the respect of their subordinates.
  3. Businessmen need golden and light green amulets. They attract profitable deals and success.
  4. Dark green stones help to recover after hard physical labor. They will be useful for builders, professional athletes, loaders, installers, etc.

The gem favors people with the names: Anna, Vera, Valentina, Vitaly, Grigory, Denis, Dmitry, Evgeniy, Marina, Mikhail, Natalya, Peter.

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