Properties, application, rules for choosing and wearing pink garnet
Garnet is a stone as ancient as it is covered in legends. There have been rumors about the magical properties of pomegranate
brooch with emeralds
How to determine the value of an emerald ring? Wearing and caring for your emerald jewelry.
Emerald - precious beryl of category 1, rich green with warm yellow or cold
Stones that bring love, happiness, marriage
Stones that attract marriage Every girl dreams of getting married for love and having healthy children. Help
Cleaning silver at home - proven tips
How to clean silver at home: proven tips and methods you didn't know
Many women prefer silver jewelry. And this is understandable. They are not only beautiful and
Natural boulder opal stone
Properties, magic and rules for choosing and wearing Australian opal
The history of the appearance of opal During the times of Ancient Rome and Greece, the mineral was held in high esteem by
gold sample image
10k gold ballerina comb
What does a gold sample look like? The gold sample in Russia has a certain standard. She always looks
Amethyst stone - correspondence to zodiac signs
Good afternoon, dear readers! Amethyst is a stone, the very sight of which causes mystical experiences in many,
Jewelry with Topaz – multi-colored luxury
Formula Al2[SiO4](F,OH)2 Color Colorless, golden yellow, pale blue, yellow, tan, violet red, pink Luster Glass Transparency Transparent
Filigree, sample
Jewelry art techniques - from ancient to modern
Filigree You have heard the word “filigree” and always associated it with the meaning of “especially careful” and
Cat's eye - properties of the stone and meaning for humans
Formula BeAl2O4 Color Bluish green, brown, brownish green, green, gray Luster Glass Transparency Transparent, translucent Hardness
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