stone in hands
Shungite stone: who is it suitable for, magical properties
Hello, friends. In this article you will learn about the chemical composition and physical properties of shungite.
quartz crystals photo
Citrine stone and its properties: who suits yellow quartz according to their zodiac sign
Quartz is the most common mineral on planet Earth. It comes in a variety of color variations
Yellow jade
The cult stone is jade: which zodiac sign is it suitable for, what properties does it have, how to wear it?
Jade for Aries For Aries, the stone is almost neutral. Jade Aries can be worn in a frame
Obsidian stone
Obsidian - properties of the stone, types, which zodiac signs it is suitable for
Obsidian is a stone that can easily be found where a volcanic eruption has occurred. Is not
Black quartz
Gloomy and mysterious morion - description and properties
Due to the deep black color of the mineral, in ancient times they tried in every possible way to assign negative mystical properties to morion.
Jasper stone
Jasper stone: properties and who it suits according to zodiac sign
The origin of the name of the jasper stone The history of the origin of jasper has not been fully explored. Many peoples called
Junwex St. Petersburg 2021 - international jewelry exhibition at
About the exhibition Junwex St. Petersburg 2021 We also recommend: Krasnoyarsk, 25 - 28.04. 2020 Moscow, 06
Metals similar to gold
Properties and distinctive features of gold and pyrite
Category “Investing in Gold” Today, counterfeiting jewelry is an extremely profitable business. After all
Types, properties and subtleties of choosing jewelry with turquoise
How to distinguish natural turquoise from fake. Since so much turquoise is used in jewelry, it means
Where is amber mined in Russia: amber deposits in Russia, types of deposits, places, methods and methods of extracting stones. Where and how is amber mined?
What is amber and what are its properties? Amber is found in places where
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