Men's signets: history of appearance, features of the choice of jewelry
How to combine jewelry When I was preparing this article, I asked my husband what he wanted
7 ways to determine the authenticity of gold at home
Checking quality by sample The easiest way to check jewelry is to carefully examine
How to clean gold earrings with stones using available products
The unique properties of stones have been tested over the years. They help improve physical condition, attract good luck, and make people
Natural pearls
Mallorca pearls: what they are, manufacturing technology
Types of pearls There are natural pearls, their artificial copies, and imitation using cheap plastic beads.
Black gold wedding rings
Black wedding rings are unique jewelry
The rapid leap in technology development in recent times has allowed us to enjoy truly stunning innovations,
Rene Lalique - jewelry revolutionary
Place Vendôme in Paris is the jewelry heart of France. Photo: The meteoric rise of jewelry
Secrets of dissolving gold at home: step-by-step instructions + how to make aqua regia yourself
What is it? Ancient scientists admired gold and believed that it was the best metal from
What is the difference between a necklace and a necklace?
What is the difference between beads and a necklace? What is the difference between a necklace and a pendant? How to choose
Rings for men. Types of men's rings and rules for their selection
September 7, 2021 The question of what rings men can wear still worries fans
Fashion trend on chain
Chain fashion trend: how to fit a chain into an image
What can be considered a real trend of the past, current and future seasons? Of course, chains. Trend -
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