Gold 750 standard: how much gold is in it, what colors it can have, properties of the alloy, application, cost and rules for caring for products made from it

Gold jewelry has been valued for thousands of years. They are characterized by a yellow color and bright shine. Products made from noble metal are presented in a wide range and differ in composition. In turn, the characteristics of the components determine the properties and appearance of the jewelry. One of the most common varieties is 750 sample.

The alloy contains gold and alloy. However, the ratio of additional components can be different, as a result the metal acquires a shade from white to red. Different options are popular in different countries. Accordingly, the cost will differ.

Fineness 750 - what kind of metal is it, what does it look like, the concept of fineness

To determine the quality of the metal, analytical methods are used, with their help testing is performed. This allows the consumer to determine which group a particular material belongs to. In addition, the quality of the alloy is assessed based on the ratio of different components.

Accordingly, a sample is a result obtained as a result of the application of one of the existing analytical methods (based on determining proportions, weight components).

First of all, 750 gold standard determines the amount of precious metal. Secondly, thanks to this designation, you can find out the proportion of ligatures included in the composition. So, for 1000 parts by weight there are 750 parts of gold. The rest is additives. A significant proportion of the precious metal determines the properties of the alloy: it is characterized by a yellow color, low Mohs strength, but the products are easy to polish.

Main characteristics of the alloy

The common version of 750 is often used for gold jewelry. It even has its own name among gold standard jewelers.

The palladium ligature additive gives it the greatest value and value, and it also has a beautiful and soft white color. Nickel is also a common additive; it is a cheaper option and is often magnetized.

It is known that it is the ligature components that play an important role in the color scheme and quality of the product. If strength is needed for daily use, add silver and copper.

The disadvantage of 750 gold is that it is not resistant to corrosion, even though the noble metal generally does not oxidize.

The quality of samples is determined by the processing of materials itself. Often, to ensure the longevity of gold jewelry, the so-called “metal steaming” is used. In this processing option, the sample is characterized by additional strength and hardness, maintaining a presentable appearance and shine.

World gold purity systems: metric and carat

The sample makes it possible to find out the amount of precious metal relative to the entire mass of the alloy. In this case, a different principle is used for calculating the shares of gold, which determines what the designation of the alloy will be. From the moment when the concept of testing was introduced, and the first method of carrying out this procedure was developed, until today, different systems have been used:

  • metric;
  • carat;
  • spool;
  • lot.

The first 2 of these were introduced later. The metric system was used in the USSR (since 1927), this system replaced the spool system used in Russia in recent centuries. It is based on the determination of the precious metal content in 1 g of alloy. According to the metric system, 750 fine gold is one of the types of valuable material, other options: from 375 all the way to 999.

The carat system is a foreign system based on determining the amount of precious metal, taking into account a certain proportion of the weight of the alloy: 0.375-0.999. In this case, the minimum part (0.375) corresponds to 9 carats, and the maximum (999) corresponds to 24 carats.

Interesting: If a product hallmarked according to the karat system is imported into Russia, it is necessary to put a stamp with hallmark according to the metric system; for comparison, in the UK, both methods for determining the amount of gold are used.

750 gold ring

How many carats are in 750 sample

750 pieces are not as common as lower grade pieces (like 585). But they are more expensive, these are luxury jewelry. They should be worn with care to avoid damaging the soft metal surface.

However, 18k yellow gold can be considered not as an element of decoration, but as a way of investing.

You can buy and sell such jewelry for a large sum. If the product bears a mark according to a foreign testing system, you need to find out how to decipher the designation. Thus, 750-carat gold in composition and properties corresponds to an 18-karat product.

"Industrial" metal

Looking deeper into the history of Russia, you can find mention of silver 72, from which 5-, 10-, 15- and 20-kopeck coins were minted until 1867. Converting this indicator from the spool testing system to the currently existing metric system, we get the same 750 sample.

The mentioned spool (Russian) system was officially used in Russia from 1711 to 1927. When using it, the amount of noble metal contained in 96 spools was taken into account. Then a transition was made to the metric system, which is based on the ratio of the main and alloying components in a thousand parts of the master alloy. This testing procedure is still used by most countries. To switch from a spool test to a metric one, it is enough to divide the value of the first by 96 and multiply by 1000.

Currently, in accordance with current legislation, the jewelry industry of the Russian Federation uses 960-, 925-, 875-, 830- and 800-grade silver alloys. Compounds with a lower content of the noble component, as in Soviet times, are successfully used in industrial production. Alloy Ag 720-750 is used for the manufacture of needles, springs and other similar products operating under high loads.

Silver solders, which contain copper and zinc as alloying components, have proven themselves to be excellent. Immunity to oxidation has led to the successful use of 750 silver in the aviation and space industries, and due to its high electrical conductivity, such compounds have retained their position in electrical engineering. In denture production, a combination of argentum (75 percent) and palladium is successfully used.

Statistics show that if in the 30s of the last century a quarter of the silver produced in the world was used for technical needs, now more than 70 percent of the noble metal is used for these purposes.

From the above, we can conclude that an alloy containing 750 parts of silver and 250 alloying components cannot legally be used for the manufacture of jewelry and household items. But its importance as an “industrial” metal is constantly increasing.

Marking. Image of the Russian mark

In Russia, 750 gold is assayed in a certain way. This makes it possible to distinguish it from platinum group metals, silver, and other precious metals. In simple words, a stamp is a sign of quality that confirms the gold content in a certain amount. On the products you can find a name tag - the manufacturer's trademark.

Marking, branding and assaying of jewelry
The presence of a state hallmark is mandatory; it contains information:

  • hallmark(gold 750);
  • hallmark;
  • code of the State Assay Supervision Inspectorate (M).

Composition and its connection to the shade of products

As was said earlier, there is a certain dependence of the color indicators of the decoration on the metal that was used for the alloy and obtaining the sample. In Soviet gold of 583 samples, accordingly, there was 58.3% pure gold, and the rest were additives in the form of silver, palladium or copper.

The table shows the color of this gold sample in the USSR in percentage terms:


Advantages and disadvantages of 750 white and yellow

If 750 gold is considered, it must be taken into account that the use of different combinations of alloys can produce white and yellow colors. It is necessary to compare them according to the main parameters.

For example, the advantages of yellow metal include:

ease of polishing;

high value of jewelry, which allows you to invest in them;

ease of processing, thanks to this it becomes possible to quickly restore the appearance of products;

resistance to aggressive environments;

production of various jewelry: earrings, rings, bracelets, chains, etc. are made.

Disadvantages of this material:


deformation due to intensive wear - deep scratches quickly appear;

Regular rhodium plating is necessary, which will allow the jewelry to remain attractive longer.

750 white gold has a number of features that make the metal stand out from others.


higher hardness;

noble color;

maintaining attractiveness for a long period;

wear resistance.


increased strength in most cases is an obstacle to the creation of jewelry with complex designs, which is due to low ductility;

high price.

Reasons for oxidation of 750 silver

Due to the high copper content in this alloy, it is very strongly oxidized when interacting with air. Copper itself is a fairly active metal that corrodes when exposed to oxygen for a long time.

In addition, like ordinary silver, this alloy itself reacts negatively to interaction with sulfur. Sulfur itself is one of the main enemies of silver, since when these two elements interact, the entire surface of the silver is slowly covered with a thin film. This film contains silver oxide, which leads to blackening of this material. In the areas in which this material is used, it often interacts with sulfur. It is for this reason that most manufacturers are trying to find an alternative that would replace this material in production.

How to clean from corrosion

Since jewelry from this alloy has not been produced for a long time, it is currently difficult to find jewelry or accessories that would contain this alloy. However, there are various devices and other electrical components that contain this silver alloy in large quantities. To ensure that these elements are not subject to various types of oxidation, it is worth taking care of them and wiping them with special means.

The simplest remedy is a solution of soda, salt and water, which prevents the oxidation process or slows it down. It is worth wiping elements containing this silver at least twice a month.

The second recipe contains the same ingredients, only instead of salt, citric acid is added to the water, which greatly helps with the oxidation of various elements containing silver. The procedure should also be repeated several times a month.

Widespread use of 750 gold

Precious metals are in demand in many areas. Also, 18k white gold is used for the production of various products, due to its physical properties. This metal is used in jewelry, various industries, and dentistry.

It is used in the manufacture of electrical components.

Gold in electrical parts

Why jewelers love him

Yellow metal 750 is fusible and quite soft. Thanks to this, it is easy to work with, it is easy to polish jewelry, and give the material the desired shape. It is used in the production of decorative elements for luxury stationery, household items, and electronics.

Some things are made entirely from this precious metal: pens, cufflinks, watches, etc.

White gold

An alloy based on the yellow precious metal and platinum, palladium is one of the most in demand today. It may look different depending on the presence of coating. It is easy to determine whether there is a layer of rhodium by looking at the shade: such jewelry is distinguished by a purer white color and shines. But the surface must be periodically restored, as it loses its properties. 18k white gold looks best when combined with:

  • diamonds;
  • red, yellow inserts;
  • unusual carving.

Gold or silver?

The trend at the end of the last - beginning of this century was white gold, including 750 samples. The latter is especially often used in the production of precious jewelry with diamonds. To give the jewelry its characteristic shine, it is often coated with white rhodium. Such things are difficult to distinguish from those made of platinum, but they are much cheaper.

It should be borne in mind that similar technologies are used in the production of some grades of silver. Argentum, which is treated with rhodium, is almost identical in appearance to white gold.

How not to make mistakes when buying? A quality mark that guarantees the authenticity of a product at the state level is the sample stamp affixed to it. Pay attention to the numbers on the stamp (in our case it is 750) and its shape. If the decoration is gold, it will be a rectangle or a spatula, if it is silver, it will be a barrel. Alloy 750 gold-plated silver items are typically hallmarked with two numbers. The marking 925 refers to the silver used as a base, 750 to the gold plating. The mark on jewelry made of small precious metals is usually applied to the inner surface. If the jewelry consists of several parts, the hallmark must be on each of them.

There is a lot of advice in various sources on how to independently distinguish gold from a fake. Forget about them. The best evidence of the authenticity of a piece of jewelry is a certificate, which must confirm the compliance of the precious metal used with the declared quantitative and qualitative characteristics. You should purchase jewelry in specialized stores, focusing on manufacturers of well-known brands.

The cost of 1 gram of gold is 750

The price of the precious metal is constantly changing:

999 standard (Central Bank of the Russian Federation), rubles.Market price, rub.Metal for scrap, rub.Jewelry stores, rub.

Moreover, the price of earrings, necklaces, rings or other jewelry yesterday, today and even tomorrow may also differ. To determine the average cost of 750 precious metal, you should use the formula:

Central Bank exchange rate (cost of 999 fineness) x 0.75 = price of 1 g of 750 fine gold.

Pricing Aspects

The main factor is the price set on the London Stock Exchange. It determines the magnitude of changes in the value of precious metals around the world. In addition, if 750 gold is considered for purchase, the price per 1 gram will depend on other factors:

  • prices for precious metals set by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation;
  • production expenses;
  • jeweler's work.

Gold chain 750

Where are gold products used?

Gold mining has a long history; the metal has always been highly valued and used for important needs: as money or unique status items.

Modern technologies are also giving impetus to working with gold alloy; gold processing in the form of forging and casting is becoming popular. Shades of yellow and white are used for products using carved techniques.

Often 18k gold serves as the basis for colored vitreous enamel. At the same time, it is imperative that the copper ratio in the alloy is up to 16 percent, so as not to spoil the brightness and quality characteristics.

But the main products made from 750-karat alloy are, of course, wedding rings.

The positive properties of these alloys: easy forging and fluidity, persistent resistance to chemical influences and the influence of a harmful environment, make it possible to use it for the production of measuring instruments, electronics, in the automotive industry, the chemical industry and medical equipment.

A popular option for using the alloy is to buy it for investing money - investing. These opportunities are added by a large amount of the most precious metal, as well as high-level liquidity. There are many alternatives: ingot, plate, decorative wire, all of them are stored in banking facilities, at interest. While maintaining its valuable characteristics, 750 gold gold price per gram is stable and does not fall with fluctuations in the foreign exchange market.

How to choose real 750 gold

If you have not previously had experience purchasing high-quality products, you must take into account the following recommendations:

  • you should buy jewelry from trusted manufacturers, in large jewelry stores;
  • if you have any suspicions about the low quality of the products, you can ask for a certificate;
  • you need to inspect the jewelry: there should be no damage on the surface, pay attention to the weight (gold jewelry is heavier than silver), such jewelry has a bright shine;
  • the shade may be different (not pure yellow, but with a pinkish, green tint), but this does not mean low quality, the metal simply differs in the ratio of the ligature.

Demand on the market

Based on everything described, we can conclude that gold hallmark 750 is in demand among both jewelers and jewelry lovers. Even despite the high cost and the presence of silver rather than palladium in it, the demand for products of such purity is always high. In any case, having gold jewelry with the number 750 will never go wrong :

  • gold is always in price;
  • this is an excellent investment of money or an investment in the future;
  • Gold products are always attractive and make their owners so.

Proper storage will ensure the durability and value of gold jewelry for all time.

Where can you buy and sell 750 gold today?

Available options for purchasing jewelry:

  • stores: online and offline;
  • pawnshop: you should choose this option if it is not possible to purchase a new product, but you need to inspect the appearance of the jewelry (how well the former owner took care of it).

In addition, private purchasing is available today, but the price per 1 gram will be significantly lower. Other sales opportunities:

  • store: you can return the product to get a discount and purchase a new one;
  • pawnshop.

Jewelry on sale

TOP 5 ways to maintain the external gloss of 750-sterling jewelry

Caring for 750 grade jewelry and 585 grade jewelry is different. It is necessary to study the question of how to clean and polish products in order to maintain its attractiveness. TOP 5 important nuances:

  1. Do not allow the gold alloy to come into contact with chemicals. To do this, you need to remove jewelry before doing household chores, applying cosmetics, or taking a bath or shower.
  2. It is necessary to minimize contact of the precious metal with human sweat. You should not wear gold jewelry while playing sports.
  3. You can maintain the shine of your jewelry using wool or felt: you need to periodically rub the items without making significant effort.
  4. To care for jewelry, use a soap solution with the addition of a few drops of ammonia. This will help maintain shine.
  5. To preserve items, use a box in which jewelry can be kept separately from others, and on a soft backing.

750 gold ring

How to care

Pure gold is a unique metal that is not exposed to any factors. This thesis cannot be applied to gold alloys containing various types of impurities. Jewelry alloys of gold, which also includes 750 standard, always contain various impurities in the form of silver or so-called base metals. The latter include, for example, zinc, copper, nickel.

Over time, the surface of gold jewelry darkens. This is caused by the interaction of the alloy (silver, copper and other metals) with oxygen, carbon dioxide, moisture, hydrogen sulfide and other substances. As a result of such contact, copper colors the products green and (or) black, and silver is transformed into black silver sulfide.

Basic tips for caring for, cleaning and restoring 18k gold jewelry to its original appearance are as follows:

  • avoid their contact with objects that can lead to mechanical damage to the jewelry;
  • remove jewelry from your body while playing sports, doing household chores, or when in contact with substances containing chlorine and (or) active oxygen;
  • do not take medicinal mineral or radon baths while wearing gold jewelry;
  • regularly wipe the products with a flannel or suede cloth - this will remove sweat particles from them;
  • Avoid contact of jewelry with cosmetics and bleaching agents;
  • remember that mercury has an adverse effect on gold;
  • Iodine solution is another hostile environment for jewelry. You can remove dark iodine stains using hyposulfite, in which you need to immerse the jewelry for twenty minutes, then rinse under running water and wipe with a soft cloth;
  • You can restore the natural shine of gold by polishing the product with a soft felt or woolen cloth, after applying Goya paste to it;
  • if your jewelry has darkened over time, the juice of the onion will help to refresh its appearance by rubbing the surface of the product, leaving it in this form for two hours, then rinsing in water and wiping with a soft cloth;
  • stains and darkening on gold will help remove a solution based on soap and ammonia, in which you should keep the jewelry for at least fifteen minutes, then rinse and dry again.

Did you know that an equally important aspect of caring for 750 gold jewelry is its proper storage. We will not consider this type of care for products from the point of view of ensuring their safety, but we will talk about such storage that will ensure a beautiful and well-groomed appearance of your jewelry.

One of the important tips in this regard is to give your jewelry a rest. Constant wear leads to their damage.

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In general, you can store gold jewelry in boxes (but not cardboard!) or caskets with soft upholstery. Decorations should be placed in different compartments to avoid contact between them. If there are no changes in air temperature and humidity in the room in which the jewelry is stored, the jewelry can be preserved for a long time.

But this storage method has its drawbacks. For example, contact with air, the quality of which is usually difficult for us to assess.

One of the alternative options for storing 750 gold jewelry can be placing it in a saturated soda solution, which you can prepare yourself. To do this you need:

  • five tablespoons of soda;
  • two glasses of water.

The resulting mixture must be boiled for two minutes, cooled and poured into a specially prepared vessel, into which the products should then be placed.

It is important! To avoid tangling your jewelry, it is best to place them one at a time using tweezers.

Gold inlaid jewelry requires special care. Taking into account the characteristics of each stone, it is necessary to take into account both the specifics of storing and caring for gold, and for each of the stones.

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Choosing wedding rings. Which gold is stronger, 585 or 750?

Expert opinion

Pribrezhny Gennady Valentinovich

Jeweler 6th category

An alloy with less gold (585) is stronger, but less valuable than 750. However, wedding rings with improved characteristics are beginning to appear today. Thanks to the new combination of alloys, the strength and wear resistance of products made from 750 gold alloy have increased.

Does white gold have 750 purity?

[expert_bq id=40]All products that contain precious metal in an amount of more than 30% undergo assaying. This means that jewelry made from a white gold alloy must also have a corresponding mark.

Does 750 gold darken?

Expert opinion

Pribrezhny Gennady Valentinovich

Jeweler 6th category

The original color is preserved by the highest grade metal (999). The remaining materials are alloys containing a master alloy, which contributes to their darkening under different conditions. However, the probability of a 750 precious metal changing color is lower than that of a 585.

Darkening of the gold ring

750 purity, what kind of metal with the star?

Expert opinion

Grishanov Mikhail Petrovich

Jeweler, director of the Grishanov and Co. workshop

A test in the form of a star, inside of which you can see a hammer and sickle, was made during the Soviet era. Today, the hallmarking rules have changed; a different hallmark is used.

18k yellow gold – not a fake?

Expert opinion

Pribrezhny Gennady Valentinovich

Jeweler 6th category

Judging by the reviews, many people doubt the authenticity of jewelry made of light yellow metal. In fact, this is also a gold alloy and is not a fake. However, it contains a minimal amount of copper, and silver predominates in its composition (except for gold).

New time standard

Based on regulatory documents, we can say with complete confidence that hallmarking of silver with 750 hallmark is not carried out in modern Russia. Another thing is gold. Sample 750 is a guarantee of high quality of the product. After all, 1000 grams of such a compound contains 750 grams of noble metal. It is not surprising that this alloy is becoming increasingly popular, gradually pushing into second place the most famous standard of Soviet times - gold 585 (previously 583).

The advantages of the modern standard are low susceptibility to acids and alkalis, wear resistance and high anti-corrosion properties, bright shine and rich shades. Aurum 750 is easy to process, polish and bend, and gives excellent results when soldering. Some jewelers use this alloy as a base when working with colored enamel. And the introduction of various ligature additives gives goldsmiths the opportunity to play with the color of the products they make, turning them into genuine works of art.

Currently, in the Russian Federation there are ten grades of 750 gold, the tones of which vary as follows:

yellow rich12,5%12,5%75%
pale green18,7%6,3%75%

The alloys used by manufacturers also affect the physical characteristics of the alloy. Copper and silver add wear resistance, and palladium increases the strength of the product several times.

The excellent consumer properties of 750 gold, its noble appearance and high liquidity have led to the widespread use of the metal in jewelry production. Wedding rings, chains, rings, earrings, and pendants made from this material are in good demand. It should be borne in mind that the price of these items depends not only on the composition of the alloy, but also on the design of the jewelry, the policies of manufacturers and sellers, and the situation on the precious metals market.

The fashion for 750-karat gold products came to Russia from Europe. From there, a significant amount of jewelry products comes to the Russian Federation. It is not difficult to understand its quality, since basically in international practice the same metric testing system is used as in the Russian Federation. The exceptions are the USA, Switzerland and some other countries where the system called British is popular. When working in the order determined by it, pure gold is accepted as 24 carats. To find the value of a 750 sample within the framework of carat standardization, it is enough to multiply 750 by 24 and divide by 1000. The resulting 18 carats (18K) will be applied to the product as a marking.

Thus, the 750 fine alloy is among the most popular among both jewelers and jewelry lovers, which is explained by its high content of precious metal, excellent performance characteristics, manufacturability and excellent aesthetic qualities. And since grades of such gold are in the segment of the most expensive alloys (the price per gram currently ranges from 2 to 3 thousand rubles), investments in products made from them can be considered very promising.

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