What is the difference between 14 and 18 carat gold, white and yellow gold?

A little about the metric system

The system we have adopted demonstrates the percentage of pure gold to the impurities (ligature) contained in the alloy. That is, to put it simply, metal marked “750” contains exactly 75% of its precious content. The remaining 25% are additives of one kind or another.

An important nuance - completely pure gold (has a purity of 999) is not used in the jewelry industry due to its high softness. A product made from it will become unusable very quickly, and the appearance of the decoration will be too nondescript.

The following is usually added to the precious metal as a ligature:

  • silver;
  • platinum;
  • copper;
  • nickel;
  • palladium.

It is not uncommon for several of the specified ingredients to be included in the definition of proportion. In Russia, the most common sample is 585, that is, each gram of jewelry contains 58.5 percent gold.

What to consider when purchasing products

In order for the jewelry to please you for a long time, do not make emotional purchases. Consider where you plan to wear your new item. 18-karat gold is suitable for festive outfits and for everyday wear, if it is gentle.

How to distinguish gold from gilding

  1. Pay attention to the brand. There are no hallmarks that indicate gold plating, and a silver ring that is plated with gold will be marked as sterling silver (875 or 925 fineness).
  2. Try scratching the item with a thin needle. If there is base metal underneath the gold plating, the scratch will be darker than the surface.
  3. Stores sometimes have assay needle sets available - you can ask the seller to make sure that the gold is real, or contact a pawnshop with this request.
  4. You can understand that the jewelry is fake without checking it. If you have worn it for several days or weeks and it has darkened, it is definitely not gold.

Below watch a visual video on how to distinguish a fake:

Why high purity is not always good

A high standard imposes restrictions on the wearer. It is better to go for things with a carat content below 18 if you:

  • you buy jewelry that you want to always wear (for example, to decorate your neck on a mountain hike);
  • you are choosing a gift for a child who, due to his age, will not be able to handle it carefully.

Why are low carats bad?

Low-grade gold is inferior in beauty to high-grade gold. It shines duller and looks cheaper. This is not so noticeable when you are wearing one piece of jewelry, but a set of several pieces of different grades will look uneven and give off a low-carat element.

Nickel allergy

Sometimes (infrequently) nickel is present in multicomponent jewelry alloys. Gold items (especially high-ligature ones) can become an allergen if they contain nickel.

The only way out of the situation is not to wear alloys containing nickel. Humanity has not yet learned to cure allergies. Medicine either uses drugs to suppress symptoms or recommends avoiding the allergen. If your body recognizes nickel as a danger, you should take a closer look at jewelry without it.

What is the karate system

Karat gold is, by and large, no different from regular gold. Here we are talking only about a unit of measurement of the purity of a jewelry alloy. The difference is that a different system is used. That is, in our case we are not talking about 100 percent, but about 24 shares.

By the way, a frequently asked question is “How many grams does one carat of gold weigh?” is completely incorrect, since here we are talking exclusively about the content of precious metals. The specified unit of mass is used only to determine the mass of precious stones (it is equal to 0.2 g).

The stamps stamped on imported products contain an indicator of the purity of the alloy and the letter “k”. In the metric system, as mentioned earlier, the maximum possible indicator is 999, its analogue in the carat system is 24.

Thus, one fraction is equal to 1/24 of the total weight of the product. So, if we are talking about 9 k, then this metal contains only 9 parts of gold, which, accordingly, equates to the more familiar value of 375. Simply put, 1 carat is equal to 4.166 percent.

In European countries, the most popular products are those with hallmarks of 14 carats and 18 carats. The British are much less demanding in this sense - they are generally satisfied with the 9 k mark. Moreover, in Portugal there is an option that is not used anywhere else in the world - 19.2 k.

In the United States, virtually all gold that goes on sale is stamped with 10k and 14k hallmarks. Moreover, the first sample is the most popular.

The standard is 22 carats in countries located:

  • in the Middle East;
  • in Asia.

Indians have approximately the same tastes. Rapidly growing wealthier China and quite prosperous Hong Kong give preference to the purest metal, which has a purity of 24 k.


18 carat gold has been found, now it remains to decide how much the product will cost. The final cost includes not only the carat value, but also the weight of the item, the complexity of its manufacture and the design performed. The main mistake of many buyers is that when determining the price, they focus on how many grams of gold are in the item. This is not the main indicator. The work done greatly influences the final cost.

Each manufacturer has its own methods to make the product more flexible and durable. Of course, the price greatly depends on the quality.

Inset gemstones, special clasps and small details also affect the cost.

Most gold items are made automatically. But sometimes a piece of jewelry needs expert manual processing or engraving. The cost of such an item is rising. The market price of one gram of 18-karat gold ranges from 4800-5000 rubles.

How to count samples

It is actually not difficult to independently determine which sample is hidden behind the carat designation.

The procedure for converting from the metric system is as follows:

  • our sample is multiplied by 24;
  • divided by 1,000.

Example: 583 × 24 ÷ 1,000 = 13.992, that is, almost 14 carats.

If it is necessary to convert into metric units, then:

  • 1,000 multiplied by the number of carats;
  • divided by 24.

So, when you come across a piece of jewelry with a mark of 14 k, you get: 1,000 × 14 ÷ 24 = 583.333.

Metal sample

The composition of the alloy in Russia is strictly regulated by state standards. The manufacturer puts a special imprint on jewelry, souvenirs or other products - a name tag. It encrypts the year of manufacture, the territorial inspection of the supervisory authority and the name of the manufacturer.

In addition to the nameplate, a stamp is applied to the product. This is done only by the State Assay Supervision Inspectorate (GIPN). The stamp affixed by the GIPN contains information about the gold sample and the code of the inspection to which the manufacturer belongs territorially. Inside the print there is a head of a girl in a kokoshnik, turned to the right. For export, products are stamped with an image of a sailboat. Each precious metal and its alloys has its own stamp outline:

  1. Gold is a spatula.
  2. Silver - barrel.
  3. Platinum is an elongated octagon.
  4. Palladium is a light bulb.

Gold items must have a stamp with information about how many grams of gold are in 1 kilogram of the alloy. This is a test. It turns out that the widespread standard 585 means that in 1 kilogram of the total mass of gold there are 585 grams, and the rest is alloy. This system of approving precious metals is called metric.

In Russia, for jewelry production, noble metals of 585 and 375 samples are mainly used, less often 750. Coins are cast from the 958 sample alloy, and 999 samples are used for bars, which are stored in jars. Pure gold without impurities, that is, refined, is used as a gold and foreign exchange reserve and is stored in the vault of the central state bank.

Jewelry of 999 standard is rare, as it is easily deformed, loses its shape, is heavy, impractical and, naturally, very expensive.

What does 18 carat mean?

In our opinion, gold with the stamp “18 carat” is 750 fine. It is commonly used to produce high quality piece jewelry. The metal's great plasticity makes it very easy to process and create quite complex compositions.

Nevertheless, it should be understood that imported metal with a mark of 18 k differs from its domestic counterpart primarily in its alloy. In our country, its main component is copper, but abroad they put more silver. Because of this, gold there is light yellow, while Russian gold is reddish. This is not the whole difference - the predominance of copper in impurities strengthens the alloy, which means that products made from it will last longer and at the same time retain a better appearance.

Cost of 1 gram of 18 carat gold

The cost of any gold alloy depends on the price of the highest standard, which is set by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. He, in turn, relies on the prices of the London Stock Exchange.

For 2021, the price of the highest standard varies around 4,200 rubles per gram.

To find out the price of any alloy, you need to multiply the price of the highest marking by the required coefficient (for example, by 0.750).

Gold bars 1 gram
Then you can calculate the cost of 18 carats like this:

4200 * 0.750 = 3150 rubles per gram.

Jewelry stores, purchases and pawn shops rely on the current price of the precious metal, but at the same time set their own cost of jewelry. It largely depends on the organization’s policy, location, and other extra charges.

For 18 carats the following data will be relevant:

Price according to the Central Bank of the Russian FederationPrice in jewelry boutiquesPawnshop
3150 rub.From 4000 rub.From 2500 rub.

Exactly how much gold is in jewelry made from metal of various samples

For those who don’t really want to bother with calculations, the information below is suitable.

As noted at the beginning of the article, our highest standard is 999. Its analogue in the karat system is 24 k. In both cases, it is assumed that the alloy is 99.9 percent pure precious metal.


  • 18 k, we have also already found out, is equal to the 750th sample, or 75% gold;
  • 14 k is, accordingly, the 580th sample, or 58.5%;
  • 12 k – 500th and 50%.
  • 9 k – 375th and 37.5%;
  • 8 k – 333rd and 33.3%.

Difference between white and yellow gold

Both white and yellow gold used in jewelry are alloys created by mixing pure gold with other metals to add extra hardness to the alloy.

White gold is specially mixed with metals that make the alloy appear whiter.

On the other hand, the purpose of creating a yellow gold alloy is to convey the natural color of the precious metal.

It's also worth noting that white gold is plated with rhodium, which adds shine to the jewelry and makes the alloy appear truly white, as opposed to the yellowish tone of the original mixture.

Appearance of the number 18 18 on the clock

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Carat value on gold products

Some Western countries have adopted a karat system for gold samples, including values ​​from 24 to 9 carats.

Designation in carats What mass of gold from the total weight of the alloy does this correspond to?
When asked how many carats are in pure gold, the largest value of this system is 24.It indicates that this is gold metal in its pure form.
Next comes 23 carats.This figure means that the weight of gold in the item is 0.958, used in a luxury item.
Mark 22.She talks about the mass of gold being 0.916 of the total weight of the alloy.
Which is typical for 21 carats.Mass index 0.875.
18 carats.Here the mass of gold is 0.750 of the total weight of the precious alloy.
Which is 14 carats.There is 0.583 parts of gold present.
In 12 carats.0,500.
And at 9 carats.Just 0.375.

All jewelry with a carat value between 24 and 18 is considered high-grade. The numbers 14 and 12 indicate gold jewelry of the average group in terms of standard. And everything that is below these indicators is perceived by experts as low-grade gold.

To easily convert the carat system to the metric system, you need to use the following ratio: 24/1000 = X/Y.

In this formula, X corresponds to carats, Y to metric standards. To convert carats to the usual standard, use the formula:

Y = 1000 * X/24

For example, if you see a product in front of you with 14K on it, then to convert this value into a sample, you need to multiply a thousand by 14 and divide by 24. As a result, you will get 583 samples. Now our jewelers do not produce gold jewelry with this hallmark, but in Soviet times it was the most common. Now it has been replaced by a higher quality 585 sample.

24-karat gold is very soft and fragile, and therefore it is rarely used in jewelry and in very limited quantities. The situation is similar with precious alloys in the range from 23 to 21 carats. All of them have three components:

  • gold;
  • silver;
  • copper.

But the amount of alloys added to the alloy is different. 21k gold is often used to create engagement rings as the alloy is relatively durable and can withstand frequent use. At the same time, it is characterized by a bright yellow radiance, characteristic of pure precious metal. Products marked at 18 carats are also created from three-component alloys. In different versions, in addition to gold, silver and copper, they may also contain the following metals:

  • rhodium;
  • zinc;
  • nickel;
  • palladium;
  • platinum.

This precious alloy lends itself perfectly to melting and further processing, which is why jewelry makers love it. It is an excellent base for applying jewelry enamel to its surface. But in this option, it is important that copper in the gold alloy should account for no more than 15–16%, otherwise the color of the enamel will fade. 18-karat gold is used to create fine jewelry with a relief or openwork surface. It is strong enough to hold fragile gems in jewelry or diamonds well.

Where to find the stamp, sample and manufacturer's mark on the product

Each ring, bracelet, chain and other jewelry must correspond to the standard, one of the existing rating systems. Any jewelry salon can only sell jewelry that bears the state hallmark. This imprint is called a name tag and includes numbers and letters. The numbers indicate the year of manufacture and sample. The letter symbol indicates the manufacturer.

Any jewelry is sold with a label, details: name of the manufacturer, name of the jewelry, code, article number, weight. Additionally, the size of the item and the name of the inserts, if any, are indicated. According to GOST, the label is attached to the products with white thread and a seal.

Marking on a product is regulated and carried out only by the Assay Chamber of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation. The state mark can be affixed using a laser or minted. The presence of such a sign indicates the authenticity of the jewelry and the passage of appropriate checks.

Includes a sample, a sign of identification, which are applied in one or different images. The ID symbol can be an image of a star with a hammer and sickle, characteristic of Soviet gold, or the head of a woman in a kokoshnik, turned to the right.

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