Stones that bring love, happiness, marriage

Stones that attract marriage

Every girl dreams of marrying for love and having healthy children. Minerals that attract marriage can help. For a crystal to become a talisman for a woman of any age and any zodiac sign, you should pay attention to carnelian. Since ancient times, this gem has been considered a powerful talisman, capable of attracting a reliable lover.

Carnelian has such magical properties as attracting the opposite sex and achieving happiness. It can be worn by both single girls and married ladies.

Another universal stone is considered natural pearls . Any pearl jewelry will help a young lady find love and build a prosperous family.

Quartz can be worn by Leo, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.

The mysterious emerald suits Pisces, Sagittarius, Cancer. Jewelry with green crystal can be worn by Taurus, Leo and Aquarius. Moreover, Taurus should wear a ring on his middle finger. Aquarius - on the ring finger, Leo and Sagittarius - on the index finger, and Cancers and Pisces will find a place for it on the little finger.

For stones to help you get married successfully, you need to believe in their power. To improve the magical properties of stones, periodically keep them in the sun or under running water. But giving your jewelry as a gift is strictly prohibited.

Foundation for happiness: how to choose a stone

It is important

Just like a person builds a house, he builds his happiness and searches for love every day. Not only the strength of the building, but also the strength of the relationship depends on what stone to lay in the foundation.

Stones for attracting love will help a person find the desired feeling and carry it throughout his life. Therefore, an important part of it will be the choice of mineral and how to use it.


One of the most expensive representatives of the corundum group. The most valuable specimens are the color of “pigeon blood” - bright red, with a crimson tint. Framed in expensive metal.

Ruby brings courage and fortitude to its owner and is able to strengthen his internal energy.

This is the patron saint of lovers - a stone can ignite passion and control feelings.

Ruby is a mineral of courage, so it does not tolerate being hidden. But you shouldn’t flaunt your desires - a ruby ​​looks best in a ring or earrings to attract love.

If you want to know more about this mineral, read our article “Ruby stone: color, properties and who is suitable for it.”


For jewelry production, in most cases, a red-colored mineral is used.

Garnet attracts luck and love. It is great for active people.

Pomegranate is also credited with medicinal properties. The stone has healing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Garnet is best worn in a ring or bracelet with a gold frame.


Tourmaline has about fifty varieties of colors. It is framed in gold, which further emphasizes the dignity of the stone.

Those who wear tourmaline are able to preserve the power of love fire for life.

It is better to choose discreet jewelry with tourmaline - the stone does not like publicity. For women, these can be small earrings or a ring; for men, cufflinks or a tie clip.


The stone does not have a uniform structure, so it is a unique element with gray veins and a variety of shades of blue.

Turquoise is very delicate and is not recommended for older ladies to wear. The mineral looks great on young, unmarried girls.

Turquoise can attract love, so it was hemmed onto the dresses of those girls who wanted to get married quickly.

Turquoise jewelry should not be massive, so the stone should be worn in a thin string of beads or a ring.

Loyalty Stones

In order for marriage to bring happiness, you must be confident in the fidelity of your spouse. Gems can be good helpers in finding truly swan-like fidelity.

There are 5 crystals that help you stay faithful:

  1. Aquamarine , a sea-green gem, will not tolerate adultery or other deception. Its owner will not allow even the thought of betrayal. Give each other aquamarine jewelry. The mineral will not allow a person to “go left” and will quickly cool down raging passions. The ring with the gem is worn on the ring finger.
  2. Turquoise is a semi-precious gem of an azure hue that helps protect the family from betrayal. Most often, a woman gives sky blue turquoise to a man to clearly see his feelings. They say that when a gem fades or turns green, the spouse's feelings begin to fade. A smart woman will make every effort to awaken former love or give it a new meaning.
  3. Lapis lazuli is a velvety blue mineral that is good as a gift. He will not allow another person to destroy the family or cause discord. Ladies wear beads, earrings and pendants with lapis lazuli.
  4. Carnelian directs its power to awaken passion between spouses and removes love spells. An orange gem will protect a woman from betrayal, and a bright red carnelian will protect a man from betrayal.
  5. Sardonyx is a mineral with contrasting stripes. A brighter specimen is male, a mineral with a softer color is female. A female pattern with soft stripes will protect the lady from male infidelity.

Color scheme of love and happiness


Traditionally, the color of love is red. The minerals of this shade will help those who want to feel desired and loved. First of all, it is worth remembering ruby, tourmaline, carnelian and garnet.

The color of ruby ​​has a unique pinkish tint.

Not every stone can compare with dark red garnet in beauty.

Tourmaline is a whole explosion of colors. It comes not only red, but also in other colors.

Carnelian has the same characteristics - with its bright red color it also symbolizes love and helps attract it.

Light blue, blue, green, white

Blue color is suitable for attracting love and happiness. Turquoise is usually used, which was previously sewn onto dresses for good luck in love affairs.

The blue color scheme will be complemented by sapphire and chalcedony.

The green tint that malachite has brings wealth.

The symbol of pure love for each other, of course, is white tones. A striking representative of the love mineral in this range is pearls. It is not for nothing that it is called the stone of brides, to show the purity of the virgin walking down the aisle.

The frame matters too

The listed colors also look most advantageous in jewelry if they have a suitable frame. In order to meet new love and plunge headlong into the world of new feelings, a gold frame is suitable. It attracts the energy of the Sun.

For those who have already found their soulmate and want long-term family happiness, the mineral should be framed in silver, which symbolizes the energy of the Moon.

These rules should not be neglected, because the stone only works in conjunction with the “correct” setting.

Love stones according to horoscope

I have prepared my own talismans for each sign of the Zodiac. Even ancient people firmly believed that beautiful crystals would bring good luck in love if you choose them according to the horoscope:

  • Aries. For Aries, carnelian will be the stone of love. It will give attractiveness to a girl, bring good luck to a man, make him decisive and courageous. Taurus - malachite will give great luck in love.
  • Gemini - must wear agate. It is he who will help you gain attractiveness, health, and family happiness.
  • Cancer - will know happiness if there is jade among his jewelry. This gem portends success in relationships with the opposite sex.
  • A lion. Which stone is suitable for Leos? For a passionate Leo, a passionate pomegranate will give tenderness and harmony in relationships.
  • For Virgo , lapis lazuli will help attract the attention of the other sex.
  • Libra - opal will relieve despondency and give happiness in love.
  • Scorpio will know happiness in love if hematite appears among the jewelry. The crystal can change Scorpio's personal life for the better.
  • Sagittarius - he will know happiness and find harmony in love if he acquires a rare mineral - chrysoprase.
  • Capricorn. Rock crystal will help this sign to know happiness, to live in fidelity and devotion.
  • Aquarius - amethyst will help a girl attract a man. A sign of love can give happiness for a lifetime.
  • Pisces can trust jasper. The mineral will dispel all doubts and give unearthly happiness.

When choosing a talisman, listen to your heart, rely on your intuition. After all, you trust the crystal with your destiny and personal life. On the music portal, all lovers can listen to the song “Cornerstone” to believe even more that there is an unearthly feeling in the world.

The influence of stones on the well-being of the owner

Stones have always been companions of people. Minerals were for humanity the embodiment of strength, indestructibility and stability, because by our standards they are representatives of eternity and longevity. All their lives, starting from birth, small pebbles and huge boulders absorbed the energy of the earth, space, people and all living things. That is why gems contain great power that can have a certain effect on a person.

Since ancient times, people have known that stones can influence fate. A piece of jewelry or just a raw nugget can both reward wealth and good luck, and take away everything that a person values. This is why you need to be extremely careful when choosing a talisman.

All natural minerals are divided into precious and semi-precious. There is also another type - ornamental. The former are rare and therefore expensive specimens, but their properties are the strongest. Semi-precious stones are more accessible and widespread among people, but the impact of such stones is lower. Ornamental stones do not have any magical qualities and are used only as decorative ornaments.

When a person is faced with the question of how to strengthen one or another area of ​​his life, he often finds the answer in the power of gems. Almost all natural stones are powerful amulets and amulets that can attract wealth, make a person happy, and cure ailments. When used correctly, you can change everything for the better, because each specific stone is endowed with certain abilities and affects a different aspect of human life. Minerals that bring money and fame are especially popular. Only a correctly selected stone can improve your financial situation and give good luck and prosperity.

There are stones that will not bring wealth in the direct sense of the word, but affect a person’s energy biofield in such a way that he himself will attract finance. There are also stones that protect against rash actions, thereby preserving the well-being that a person has already achieved.

Remember that all stones are different. Their internal crystal lattices emit different vibrational currents, attracting joy, success, love or wealth. A person must determine for himself what exactly he is missing at this stage of his life, and choose talismans based on his needs.

Other stones that attract love


A ruby ​​will help you achieve complete reciprocity from your beloved . A guy who gives his beloved this bright red transparent mineral can be sure that he will be reciprocated.

In the East, this gift of nature was valued higher than a diamond. If the ruby ​​changed color, then people became more careful, because this was a warning of danger.

If a noble person wears an amulet, then his life path will be covered with victories and happiness in his personal life. And it will make a hard-hearted person more cruel and evil.

A magical pebble gives rise to a desire for great things in a person and gives impetus to move forward. If a woman cannot get pregnant, then she should wear a ruby. It will also dispel a bad mood and set you in a positive mood. It helps people who have lost interest in life to regain strength and self-confidence.

Ancient people valued its healing properties. It helps cope with diseases of the liver, kidneys, and heart. Increases immunity, restores confidence and strength.

Ruby jewelry can be worn by:

  • The symbol of wisdom and power suits Leos . Women will become more attractive, and men will become more determined.
  • Aries stone will protect you from slander, love spells and dark forces. Jealous ladies will stop being jealous. Men will regain their energy and vitality.
  • For Scorpios , ruby ​​will help pacify aggression and direct all the intensity of emotions in the right direction.
  • Capricorn men avoid adversity and teach them to make decisions quickly. Women will become even more charming and gentle.
  • For Sagittarius, the crystal will help them achieve success both in love and in the financial sphere.


Amethyst is considered a symbol of lovers, a stone of eternal love and family happiness. If a drinker wears an amethyst amulet, he will get rid of alcohol addiction. It suits Aries and Aquarius best.


Spinel or Lal gemstone is used in the most expensive jewelry. A unique pebble helps to heal from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and eyes.

But black spinel is considered the most magical. Mages believe that it collects the life force of its owner, then returns it when an energy decline occurs.

Stone connoisseurs do not recommend accepting this crystal as a gift, since it can be damaged by witchcraft. At the same time, they value its healing properties. The gloss of black Lala has a beneficial effect on the psyche and calms the nerves.

Jewelry with Lal can be worn by young lovers as it arouses mad passion.

Charms made from this mineral protect against negativity, damage, and the evil eye. Jewelry is only useful for Pisces and Leos to wear, and even then not every day.

Male and female stones

All gems can be divided into female and male. They differ in the type and degree of impact on the stronger or weaker sex.

For men

The following minerals are recommended for men who want to improve their personal life or career:

  1. Tourmaline is a stone that can affect the sexual aspect. A talisman with it acts as a magnet for women, giving the owner an aura of mystery and strength. A tourmaline bracelet can increase potency.
  2. Diamond is the hardest mineral, allowing the formation of the same character traits in its owner. A symbol of power and charisma. Helps to quickly climb the career ladder, especially for politicians.
  3. Ruby makes a fine knight out of a man. This stone provokes the owner to recklessly romantic actions that will not leave any woman indifferent.
  4. Beryl is a talisman for business men. Helps in business, brings financial success. Another unusual property is that jewelry with beryl given to a woman “ties” her to the donor.

Also considered masculine stones are jade, rock crystal, malachite, amber, zircon, agate and tiger's eye. They enhance the masculine qualities of their owner, attract luck, and reveal his potential.

For women

For women, to find happiness we can recommend:

  1. Carnelian is a stone with a strong energy field that can influence the fate of the owner. It has 3 valuable qualities at once: attracts love, luck and money.
  2. Amethyst of any shade gives a woman prudence and a calm disposition. An amulet cut in the shape of a heart improves mutual understanding between partners.
  3. Emerald is able to protect a woman from envious people and slanderers, cleanses the aura, and helps preserve the family hearth. It is not suitable for people with bad thoughts, but is able to “re-educate” them.
  4. Garnet is a stone of passion that can revive even cooling feelings.
  5. Adular is a female amulet that brings harmony to the soul, making its owner softer and gentler, and as a result, attractive in the eyes of men.
  6. Pearls are the protector of the family, a symbol of purity, the strength of the family hearth and childbirth. Protects his mistress and allows him to achieve maximum benefits in business transactions.

Important! Amethyst is capable of forming an attachment between the recipient and the giver, so it must be given as a gift very carefully.

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