Types and advantages of armor weaving

Types of chain weaving. Which one to choose?


somewhat reminiscent of a “diamond”, but unlike it, the links of the “nonna” are not the same in size. Most often, “nonna” is double: when small rounded diamond-ovals are enclosed inside large ones. Krastsvetmet also produces a single version: in this case, large links are connected to small ones one after another, creating a light and airy weave.


- a chain whose links resemble the shape of a heart. This airy and feminine weave is suitable for creating a romantic look. You can also give a “love/s” chain to your lover or daughter, telling with this gesture about the ardor or constancy of feelings.


- a combination of long links with short ones. Figaro has several varieties, depending on the number of short links located between the long ones, and vice versa. Thanks to this alternation, you can choose the most suitable character of the chain even within one type of weaving: “figaro” can be either airy (such as the 3+1 variety), or reminiscent of twisted chains (1+1), or similar to a cord with “ knocked out" links (4 or 5 short links in a row).

"Ochio di Pernice"

- seemingly complex - openwork - weaving, and at the same time continuing the principle of connecting links, like a “diamond”. Other names for weaving: “panther eye”, “eagle eye” or “bird eye” (translated from the original from Italian - “partridge eye”), which two adjacent links in the chain are really similar to.


- armored weaving of links twisted inward and between each other. From a distance, the links look like mollusk shells, which is why “lumakina” has a second name - “snail”. The memorable design is good on its own, so it does not require a pendant, but with it it will create a winning pair.


- armor weaving in two rows, in which the links are arranged in a checkerboard pattern. Tsar weave chains look both masculine and simple, so they can serve as an alternative to another favorite men’s weave, Bismarck weave. In addition, women often choose the “king” for themselves: a wide chain contrastsly emphasizes femininity and fragility.


- one of the most famous and popular weaves, which allows you to create a chain with a particularly bright shine. Links of the same size in "Singapore" are intertwined into a twisted chain and complemented by diamond cutting. In Krastsvetmet chains, the turn is made often: such processing turns even the most modest decoration in width into a catchy accent. Despite the apparent decorative effect, Singapore chains can be worn with a pendant.


- weaving from flat links, which is based on “gurmet”. reminiscent of waves or Greek ornament. Despite the fact that “serpentine” has a bright, recognizable pattern, it can be worn with a pendant.

Advantages of chains

Such a chain fits nicely on the body due to the fact that the links, forming a figure eight shape, are in the same plane. It does not protrude in volume, so it will not bulge out of clothes; it can be worn even under sweaters and blouses. Therefore, armored chain weaving is considered an improved anchor form.

A chain made of armored weave can be worn as an independent decoration. It is not necessary to select a pendant or pendant for it. Moreover, since armor weaving is most often dense, that is, the chain turns out to be a wide, massive shape, the size of the pendant must be appropriate. It’s better to choose more massive options that won’t get lost against the background of the chain, or wear the chain just like that, especially if a diamond cut has been added to the links for beauty.

Armor weaving is more suitable for older age groups who want their financial well-being to be appreciated. For men, it is better to choose a massive model of medium length. Short chains of 40 centimeters will fit tightly around the neck. Women can also choose medium-sized models, and take a smaller thickness of chain knitting than for men.


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all posts by GARIBALDI BISMARCK Both women's and men's weaving. The most popular of the manual ones. Very durable and beautiful. It has a great many other names - Cardinal, Kaiser, Armenian Bismarck, Springel, etc. Bismarck has been the most popular weaving for several centuries. By the way, at the beginning of the last century this weaving was considered truly feminine. It was fashionable to wear a very long thin gold chain around the neck, or as a decorative belt. And in the nineties, Bismarck had already become the most popular men's weaving in Russia. A voluminous gold chain weighing 100-150 grams showed the high status of its owner in a “raspberry” jacket. Bismarck weaving is universal. A gold chain or bracelet can serve as a wonderful gift for both women and men. Bismarck chains up to 50 centimeters long are considered women's. They are ideal for everyday and office wear, as well as for a voluminous or weighty pendant or body icon. Bismarck chains from 50 centimeters and weighing over 8 grams will look decent on a man’s neck. Since the weave is one of the most durable, it can be worn without taking it off. Most often, Bismarcks are ordered from us for heavy, beautiful crosses and exclusive body amulets. GARIBALDI PYTHON Both women's and men's weaving. Python is the “younger brother” of Bismarck. Very similar in appearance, but has a more modern design. Hand-weaving Python also has a large number of other names - Caprice, Italian, Pharaoh, American and Venetian. Although this chain with a complex pattern was originally considered masculine, it has now become incredibly popular among women, especially with a diamond cut. It is unusual, self-sufficient and in a short version - up to 50 cm is ideal for a business suit, and diamond processing allows it to shimmer playfully in the light. ARMORS Ideal for a children's chain. Weaving for both men and women. Armored gold chains are the most frequently purchased. They have a classic design, do not attract too much attention and are suitable for almost all types of pendants. Armored weaving is rightfully considered the strongest weave, it is not afraid of twisting, it can easily be bent at any angle, it does not get tangled, and breaks, as a rule, from a very sharp and strong jerk. Due to its popularity, it has many length and weight options, so for a lover of the classics there is no better one. Gold armored chains are especially often purchased for crosses and body icons. In addition to the classic armor weave, Double Armor with diamond cut and Armor Parallel also appeared. ARMORS DOUBLE ARMORS PARALLEL In the armored double links are intertwined through one and create the impression of “infinity”. And in Pantsirny Parallel, two parallel round links are intertwined at once. In general, there are a lot of armored weaves. You can often find elongated armored chains on sale. They are very light and inexpensive. And there are also more expensive and sophisticated ones - ribbons. Very graceful, neat, gently wrapping around the neck, but rather fragile. WOMEN'S CHAINS BISMARCK GLAMOR Women's chain Bismarck (Bismarck with balls) is an excellent option for ladies with a playful, but at the same time pragmatic character. Strong, reliable weaving is decorated with balls that play in the light. A wonderful option for wearing as a wide women's bracelet. On the neck it is worn in a shortened version up to 50 cm as a self-sufficient decoration that does not require additions in the form of pendants and pendants. Bimark glamorous looks great in any gold color. Can be worn under a cocktail dress or a fitted suit with a skirt. BISMARCK ANCHOR Women's flat automatic weaving. It is made from anchor, woven in several rows - two-, three- and four-row. A wide, but at the same time quite light women's gold chain with a magnificent noble shine. As a rule, it is purchased with a length of 45-50 cm and is worn as a classic necklace. A wide Bismarck anchor bracelet will look great on any woman's hand. FOX TAIL (ROMAN, ROYAL) Fox Tail weaving is rightfully considered the most luxurious of all hand-made ones; it is not without reason that it is also called “Royal”! A beautiful, durable, round gold Fox Tail chain with a complex pattern will become the most favorite decoration for a lady of any age and any size. A chain of this weave is worn from 40 to 50 cm long as an exquisite neck decoration. Fox Tail made of yellow gold is more suitable for a young, light girl, and the traditional red (pink) color of gold will be preferred by older women. FOX TAIL SEMI-CIRCULAR LOVE and HEART Love and Heart are sophisticated women's automatic weavings. They are often confused, so we have combined them so that you can notice the difference. Both chains consist of smooth, rounded loops that follow the shape of a heart. LOVE HEART Gold chains of Love weaving are an ideal gift option for a young girl. Chains of these weaves are most often used to wear religious attributes on the body, as well as elegant pendants for both evening and everyday wear. A chain with hearts will be a wonderful gift for your loved one. And thanks to the lightness of these decorations, it is possible to wear several products, such as Snails or Serpentine, intertwined with each other... CHOPARD NONNA The “Nona” weave is famous for its reliability and elegance. This decoration is especially shiny thanks to the diamond edge applied on both sides. In terms of reliability, it is reminiscent of men's diamond weaving, but more feminine. When choosing and purchasing gold chains and bracelets, an important role is played not only by the beauty of the product, its fineness, but also by the weaving, which ensures the durability of the jewelry. “Nonna” weaving is one of those that is distinguished by its reliability and durability. The chain, which is based on automatic weaving “Nonna”, looks noble, shining dazzlingly in the rays of the sun or reflecting the lights of the evening light. Even with prolonged wear, such chains do not fray or break; the “Nonna” weave firmly holds the double links of the jewelry together. Weaving creates a special flexibility of the jewelry, allowing it to easily take any shape and not get tangled in the hair. This chain will easily fit the style of any pendant, of any size, perfectly matching its shape, and it can also be used as an independent accessory. ROSE ROSE SQUARE CREEK SINGAPORE EYE OF THE PANTHER Another name is Bird's Eye. A decorative women's gold chain of automatic weaving, which is a self-sufficient neck decoration. EAR BRAIDS SERPENTINE SNAIL LOAD FACETED LOAD ANCHOR CRACKED ANCHOR CORDO MEN'S CHAINS BISMARCK ARABIC (ARAB) FOX TAIL SQUARE (MEN'S ROYAL) RHOMBUS Rhombus or Rhombo - a very similar weaving to armored . The only difference is in the shape of the links: the armored one is round, the Rhombus one corresponds to the name. Due to the shape of the links, it is more suitable as a men's neck ornament. But there is no obvious gradation - male/female. Classic, durable and reliable. DOUBLE RHOMBUS In a double or triple Rhombus, the links are intertwined through one. Double diamond is the most suitable weave for a men's wrist bracelet. MOSCOW BIT FIGARO CLIP (CARTIER) ] FIGARO One long - one short One long - 2 short One long - 3 short One long - five short ANCHOR Gold chain with anchor weaving consists of links of a round (Classical) or oval (Rolled) shape, connecting perpendicular. Anchor chains are a traditional decoration that, depending on the model and color of gold, will suit both a business suit and a bright outfit. If you need a universal decoration, choose a chain with small links. To complement an outstanding image, a model with large ones is more suitable. An anchor chain made of white gold with a diamond cut (Brill) will ideally complement jewelry with a scattering of diamonds. Anchor 1+1 Anchor 1+2 ANCHOR DOUBLE ANCHOR ROLLED Anchor rolled due to the shape of the links is more popular among weaves for men's chains. More often than others, people want to buy such chains for religious attributes, including very voluminous and heavy ones.

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Varieties of weaving "Shell"

Armor weaving has many varieties. But they are all equally durable. This is due to the weaving technology itself: the polished links are located in the same plane, thereby ensuring the integrity of the decoration for a long time. The shell can be single, double or triple, depending on the number of links connected to each other.

1. When it comes to the diamond-shaped link, this type of weaving is called “Rombo”, which sounds a little Italian. 2. Another version of the “Shell” is the “Nonna” weaving. Its special feature is the application of a diamond edge, which gives the finished product an unusual shine in the sun. An undeniable advantage is increased strength. The name itself has absolutely nothing to do with a woman’s name, but comes from the Italian phrase maglia della nonna, which translates as “grandmother’s” weaving. 3. “Figaro”, or otherwise it is also called “Cartier” as one of the world famous fashion houses. Its difference was the alternation of links of different sizes and shapes. 4. Persian chain mail is a combination of round links tightly placed on large rings and interconnected. 5. One of the varieties of armor weaving is called very eloquently - “Love”, which translated from English means “love”. The name is very symbolic, because the links of the chain really look like hearts. Externally, such products look elegant and very attractive. This decoration will be an excellent gift for your beloved girl. 6. Armor weave is when two links are woven together in one row at the same time. 7. The snail is a spiral-twisted chain link. The finished product is similar to the shell of this mollusk. That's why it got this name. 8. It’s worth knowing about Cobra weaving: it cannot be bent, otherwise there is a risk of ruining the jewelry. A very tight connection with a clear outline looks strict and even suits business style clothing. This is a universal option for both women and men. 9. But several chains woven together, made by “Cobra”, are called “French braid”. Such a product usually costs more than others, especially if it is created by hand. 10. Rope, or in other words “Flagellum” is formed from small links tightly assembled into a rope. This is where it got its name from. The product looks great on both representatives of the stronger half of humanity and girls. The strength of such a chain allows you to complement it with a pendant, or even not one, but several.

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