Gold or silver: what is better for a woman or a man to wear, what to choose - different views on the choice of precious metal

When choosing jewelry, many people wonder what is better to buy gold or silver? It’s worth understanding, since noble metals have certain properties that affect the life and health of men and women. What is better to wear? Silver or gold?

Jewelry is an essential accessory. It is a rare person who does not wear gold or silver items. Take, for example, a wedding ring - all married couples wear this jewelry.

People have been arguing for decades about whether gold or silver is better for the body. This discussion is endless - some are fans of silver, others recognize only gold jewelry, and still others combine both. However, both of these noble metals have both positive and negative characteristics. Let's compare gold and silver to understand which is better.

Table: gold and silver - criteria for comparison, which is better, in what cases

Rings - gold and silver

SignificanceBoth metals are classified as precious. They are usually used in jewelry, electronics, medicine, etc. Jewelry made from alloys is distinguished by its beauty and unusual shapes
Investment ValueA gram of metal is valued daily and has a consistently high investment value. Issued in the form of bars and coins, more expensive than silver Valuable metal on the stock exchange. Issued in the form of bars and coins, but the investment value is inferior to gold
Chemical characteristics
atomic number79 at Au47 at Ag
atomic massAu - 196.96654 a. eat. Ag - 107.8682 a. eat.
density19.32 g/cm³10.5 g/cm³
Melting temperatureAu 1064.18 °CAg - 962 °C
physical characteristicsIn its pure form it is an inert metal and rarely reacts with other substances. Soft and flexible, heavier than silver. Can react with hydrogen sulfide and become covered with a sulfide film. Hard, but lighter in density than gold.
Conducts electricity well
External propertiesRich palette of shades due to impurities: yellow, white, red, pink, green, blue, indigo, purple, brown, blackThe products are characterized by a white color with a cold “steel” shine, sometimes treated with niello
MarkingMarked with a female profile in a kokoshnik with the mark “shovel” and hallmark according to GOST. The manufacturer's name is indicated Marked with a female profile in a kokoshnik with a stamp in the form of a “barrel” and hallmark according to GOST.
Sample and ligatureStandards used in the jewelry industry: 375, 500, 583*, 585, 750, 875, 916, 958, 999 585 standard - the most popular jewelry alloy, containing 58.5% pure gold and an admixture of silver 36% and copper 5.5 %. Possible alloys in gold alloys: silver, palladium, copper, nickel and zinc. Silver hallmarks in jewelry: 800, 830, 875, 925, 960, 999 925 hallmark is considered sterling silver, intended for making jewelry. Impurities are represented by aluminum and bronze in copper
Compliance with GOSTGOST 6835-2002GOST 6836-2002
Jewelry with stonesCombines with inserts: diamond ruby ​​emerald sapphire pearl amber turquoise hyacinth chrysoliteFor inlay the following are used: topaz garnet sapphire pearl cubic zirconia turquoise amethyst
HypoallergenicCan provoke allergies only if there is nickel in the alloyVirtually does not contain nickel or other metals that can cause an allergic reaction in the body

Gold jewelry

Help with choosing

If this method did not help you choose silver or gold, or you are not looking for jewelry for yourself, try making a decision based on the following criteria:

  • Age group. Quite often they say that silver is a “light” and “delicate” type of metal. Therefore, it is more suitable for girls and boys. In addition, it will not attract the attention of peers too much and there will be no desire to steal the jewelry. Gold, on the contrary, is a sign of wealth and maturity. It emphasizes status and the fact that a person has achieved a lot in life. Therefore, older people - both women and men - should pay attention to gold.
  • Price policy. The factor is certainly important, since a person entering a jewelry store is guided by a certain amount. If it is limited, choose silver, it is cheaper, but at the same time has a discreet and presentable appearance. If the cost of the product does not matter, then you can look at gold jewelry. The price difference is quite significant. When choosing the middle option, you can look at white gold - an alloy of two metals with a noble shade.
  • Type of person. If you have an oriental appearance, have dark hair and eyes or dark skin, it is best to wear gold. It has a warm tone, similar to your appearance, so the decoration will look harmonious. People with blond hair, fair skin, and blue eyes prefer silver, since cool shades will also complement each other.
  • Allergic reaction. People are not allergic to metals in their pure form. But this is a fairly common reaction to alloys that are added to the alloy. Therefore, before purchasing, you need not only to check the product’s quality certificate, but also to find out if there are any allergies to the metals contained in the ligature. In particular, nickel, chromium, and aluminum cause a large number of problems.
  • From an energetic point of view, silver has a calming, cooling effect on the body. Silver contains feminine power, concentration of wisdom and tranquility, which is why the metal is so valued in the East. In addition, silver is used in medicine; it can disinfect water. And religion says that silver protects against the evil eye and disease. Gold is more suitable for men, radiating the energy of vivacity, giving strength of spirit, setting a person up for positive thinking. In medicine, gold in homeopathic preparations is used to treat the heart, joints and even depression. It is also believed that gold absorbs negative energy. Therefore, it needs to be periodically cleansed or even consecrated. And yet, gold is an indispensable attribute at weddings in the ring exchange ceremony. Gold jewelry is given to people who have everything. You can also look at the compatibility of metals with zodiac signs, but the rules work for those who believe in them first.
  • Selection of decorations according to the set. If you know what you need for a full set of products, buy exactly this type of jewelry from the required metal.
  • If you are choosing a product for a man, you should pay attention to coarse and strict weaves or products with a lot of weight, so that they do not get lost on the man’s body. Most often such jewelry is made of gold. There are no restrictions for women in this regard. Sometimes the type of metal is not important, since the design of the product and its dimensions are important.
  • Metal care. Silver requires more care because over time it tends to oxidize with oxygen and turn black. Of course, cleaning silver is a simple process, but the fact itself can scare off buyers. But the problem can be solved for a long time by simply covering the product with a layer of rhodium. There will be no such problems with gold, since a good product does not react with anything under normal conditions, except mercury. Therefore, caring for gold will be easier. It is gold jewelry that is counterfeited more often, so in unverified stores you can get a low standard at a high price.

Which metal is more suitable for a man/woman? Metal even has a nationality

For many centuries, gold was considered the precious metal of the rich. Thus, people in power could easily be distinguished by their jewelry. Today, anyone can purchase a product made of precious metals, based on their budget and preferences.

The choice of alloy sometimes depends on nationality, cultural traditions, gender, and color type.

A man cares about the functionality of a thing, its ability to emphasize an elegant style, hint at financial security or shout about brutality and strength. As a rule, this is a watch, ring, bracelet.

Selecting metal by age. Status chooses gold, youth chooses silver

Several decades ago, it was believed that people with high social status, certain positions, and over 40 and 50 years of age could choose gold jewelry. Accordingly, silver was considered a youth alloy, emphasizing the youth and activity of the owner.

Today such an opinion is becoming just a prejudice.

Modern people wear both metals regardless of age and status. Often, on the contrary, individuals occupying high positions try not to stand out and emphasize their simplicity, preferring silver jewelry.

About the virtues of gold

The gold metal has long been the personification of wealth and power. It is not for nothing that it was called the metal of kings, conquerors and merchants. Most jewelers prefer working with gold because it has unique properties:

  • flexibility in processing;
  • chemical resistance and sun shine;
  • exceptional anti-corrosion protection;
  • goes well with precious and semi-precious materials;
  • maintains an attractive appearance for a long time;
  • is a healing metal.

Due to its medicinal properties, gold metal is actively used in homeopathy and for cardiovascular diseases. In addition, it can be used to cure some forms of tuberculosis, diseases of the lungs, larynx, skin and eyes. According to Eastern teachings, gold contains a large supply of positive Yang energy, symbolizing the power of the Sun, men, vigor and movement. Answering the question of who is recommended to wear gold, first of all it is worth talking about people who are constantly tired, suffer from hypotension and depression. It really suits those who have an autumn-spring type of appearance. We are talking about people with a golden beige skin tone and light eyes.

There is an opinion that gold jewelry is aimed at mature people, and that some other precious metal is more suitable for energetic youth. However, it is gold that is often presented as a wedding gift to newlyweds. Due to its high electrical and thermal conductivity, this metal is used in jet engines, reactors, rockets, supersonic aircraft, electronics and radio engineering, as well as in the production of synthetic fabrics.

Fashionable sentence. New trends in design. New combinations of two metals at the same time

Young people prefer to buy gold and silver jewelry, focusing on their financial capabilities. When chosen correctly, these noble metals look trendy. Every girl who follows fashion trends knows about a new jewelry solution - a combination of 2 types of elements in one piece of jewelry.

This season, it is more fashionable than ever to wear gold rings, small earrings combined with rings, inlaid with unusual stones or inserts. For people who are not ready to overpay for jewelry, jewelers have developed a series of silver jewelry with interesting gold accents.

And since fashion trends are fickle, it is more profitable for young people to change jewelry made of inexpensive metal.

Men's ring with garnet

Which metal is most often used in accessories?

  • Watch. This type of jewelry is most often used as a gift. This means that the choice of alloy directly depends on personal preferences. Gold and silver items are equally popular. The women's line is produced mostly in gold. Men often prefer silver, titanium or steel as a sign of strength.
  • Cross. The body jewelry is first worn by a child at the sacred rite of baptism. Such accessories should be exclusively silver, since this metal is officially recognized by the church. It is believed that such an element will protect the owner from negative influences. That is why silver is used more often for such accessories.
  • Wedding rings. This type of jewelry is worn constantly, often without taking it off at all. This means it must be durable. It is better to choose gold with a low percentage of pure metal, as such products will last longer. Silver is not suitable for such purposes due to its softness.
  • Bracelets, chains, necklaces. They are produced equally in gold and silver.
  • Rings and earrings. The range of these decorations is surprising in variety. There are many options for both alloys. These accessories are initially considered feminine, and gold is used more often for production due to greater demand and variety of shades.

Which metal is better to choose - silver or gold?

All elements of jewelry - stone or crystal, shape and symbols, metal - reflect complex and powerful astrological principles that connect us and our jewelry to the macrocosm. You will understand that you not only depend on these forces and principles, but that you can skillfully control them in order to achieve your goals with their help.

Most women, based on intuition, prefer either gold or silver. Like stones and crystals, metals have their own distinct metaphysical properties that you can use to best suit your needs. In a nutshell:

  • gold represents the masculine energy of the Sun,
  • silver is the feminine energy of the Moon.

Your horoscope shows which of these celestial bodies has the greatest influence on you, but you will have to think carefully about which of these energetic components of your nature you would like to strengthen or balance.

The influence of gold and silver on the human body: the opinion of esotericists

Esotericists claim that each metal can have different effects on the human body. Silver has served as a talisman better than gold since ancient times. A woman wearing silver received protection from envy, the evil eye, and damage. It was believed that metal brings good luck and has a positive effect on health. It is recommended to wear silver items:

  • with high or low blood pressure;
  • people suffering from gastritis with high acidity;
  • at risk of developing cancer;
  • for problems with the urinary system;
  • people with diseases of the nervous system.

Regarding gold, there is an opinion about strong sensitivity to the emotional state of the owners. It is believed that it is better to choose gold if difficult periods of life have come, when a person is overcome by anxiety. Then the jewel will bring peace of mind and help you find the right solution. It is recommended to wear gold jewelry:

  • with low stomach acidity;
  • obese people;
  • with varicose veins;
  • people suffering from swelling, accumulation of fluids in the body;
  • to strengthen the immune system;
  • for depression, sudden mood swings;
  • for joint diseases.

Gold jewelry

The benefits and harms of silver

Silver is found everywhere in microscopic quantities; it is a constant component of all living things, including humans. It has antimicrobial properties; colloidal silver solution kills staphylococcus and E. coli. It was customary to give a silver spoon to a baby for baptism; silverware was considered good for health. It has long been noted that if you put a silver coin in a vessel with water, the water does not turn sour or turn green.

It is believed that silver has a calming effect on the nervous system, it gives peace of mind and normalizes blood pressure.

But we should not forget that silver is a heavy metal that can poison the body by accumulating in it. Working in silver mines is hazardous to health.

The theory of American researcher KC Jones about the choice of gold or silver

There is a theory according to which a person’s choice of alloy is carried out intuitively, on a subconscious level. So people who prefer silver most often have writing talents.

Such a person lives by change, because this is the only way to maintain a fresh outlook and diversify life. You can get out of difficult situations only if you listen to your own intuition.

For those around them, such people are down-to-earth, calculating, and quite reserved. The “silver” personality loves modern, bright objects, and is drawn to professions related to design.

Features of caring for gold and silver

It is always nice to wear jewelry that attracts with its appearance and bright shine. At the same time, the main condition for proper preservation of products is regular home care. Features of the choice of care procedures depend on the composition of the alloy. For example, gold is afraid of mercury and iodine, and silver does not tolerate humidity and hydrogen sulfide. This is what determines how to properly care for your jewelry.

Home care includes:

  • Clean with a mild soap solution. Afterwards the product is washed with warm running water.
  • You can remove household deposits with a few drops of ammonia applied to a suede or flannel napkin.
  • After visiting places with high humidity, it is important to wipe the jewelry dry. This will prevent tarnishing.
  • Occasional professional cleaning is recommended.

Methods for cleaning silver alloy at home:

  • Apply toothpaste to the decoration and leave to dry. After a couple of minutes, rub all the elements with a wool or flannel napkin. Afterwards, the product is washed under running water and dried well.
  • Make a solution: 1 spoon of soda per glass of water, soak silver in it.
  • Ammonia cleans the alloy well: you need to dilute 5 ml of the substance in a glass of water, leave the product for 10 minutes.

It is also important to remember about the proper storage of jewelry, regardless of the type of alloy. Experts recommend storing each element separately, in velvet cases, away from moisture.

Jewelry made of gold and silver

About the virtues of silver

In terms of durability and value, silver is the second noble metal after gold, which cannot be said about its aesthetic qualities. It is impossible to clearly determine which of these precious metals is more beautiful, especially considering the fact that in its appearance silver is very similar to platinum, which is almost twice as expensive as gold. Silver metal is used by jewelers not only as an independent material, but also as an addition to various settings of precious and semi-precious stones.

Like gold, silver has healing properties. It disinfects drinking water well and saturates it with ions, having a beneficial effect on the human body. It is not for nothing that silver is used in Christianity: amulets rings or body icons with various inscriptions are made from it, designed to protect their owners from diseases and the negative influence of external forces. Based on this parameter, we can safely say that silver is better than gold.

Other advantages of silver include the following:

  • no reaction with dilute sulfuric and hydrochloric acids, carbon and nitrogen;
  • does not oxidize even at high temperatures;
  • not afraid of alkalis;
  • has an elegant appearance.

The scope of silver is constantly expanding. Today it is used in medicine, pharmacology, electrical engineering and for coinage. Silver is used to make cutlery and jewelry. According to Eastern teachings, silver is the negative energy of Yin, which symbolizes feminine power, the moon and fertile earth. Due to the fact that silver metal has a calming and cooling effect, it is recommended to be worn by people who are constantly overexcited and irritated.

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