What is better to wear - gold or silver: advantages and disadvantages of metals

Post updated: May 28, 2020

The conversation about whether gold or silver is better as a material for jewelry usually smoothly turns into an endless discussion. Some say that gold is a noble and rich metal; opponents consider silver as a metal with an airy aura and a symbol of youth.

As a result, the question of whether silver or gold is better remains open.

Studying the history of the use of metals, one can see the primacy of the use of yellow metal by jewelers; in chemistry, silver is slightly inferior in strength and durability to yellow metal; in economics, gold has a value much higher than the price of silver.

Modern fashion cannot decide who to give first place - the warm light of yellow metal or the cold shine of silver.

What is better for a woman to wear - silver or gold?

Even an experienced jeweler will not say whether it is better for women to wear gold or silver: the answer directly depends on many factors. And the point is not even that gold, other things being equal, is significantly more expensive than silver. It’s just that all ladies are different, and it’s unreasonable to approach them with the same standard. And the design of jewelry has far from a conventional meaning.

Silver is definitely more suitable for young girls. The fact is that this metal is not so pretentious and demanding when choosing a wardrobe. An unpretentious ring made of silver can be worn “both at a feast and in the world,” and an impeccable manicure is not necessary.

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Silver goes well with casual, military and other youth styles, even informal ones. On a biker or a hard rock fan, gold will look at least strange. And an artistic, non-standard and esoteric nature can often be recognized by a large number of massive jewelry made of leather, wood, semi-precious stones and silver.

The question of whether silver or gold is better for women cannot be answered unambiguously. However, when it comes to status jewelry, it is better to opt for noble yellow metal. It emphasizes the refined taste and high social status of the owner.

Do not forget that wearing gold with precious stones (especially diamonds) during the day is in bad taste. Luxury jewelry is intended for display in restaurants, at pompous events, in the theater, but not in cinemas or McDonald's. Expensive jewelry requires unity of the entire look: from an impeccable evening hairstyle to the tips of elegant shoes.

Considering precious metals in isolation from jewelry design is not a good idea. A wedding ring made of gold with small diamonds can be worn constantly, and silver earrings of an ornate design in alliance with a “kosovorot” or massive “Martins” will look alien.

What makes precious metals strong?

Only thanks to the ligature do gold and silver become suitable for making jewelry, and in the case of silver, cutlery. What is this, a ligature? In simple terms - impurities of other metals that add strength.

The gold ligature contains 41.5% of 100% of the total metal in the product. From this the most common test was born, i.e. the remaining 58.5% is converted into the 585 hallmark. Of course, there is also the 375 and 750 hallmarks. The gold of such hallmarks is, respectively, stronger and less durable than the 585 hallmark.

In the ligature of the most common gold standard, i.e. 585, includes: copper, silver, nickel and palladium. Depending on the shade of the product, you can guess which additional metal is more. In sample 375, only copper and silver are present, but in sample 750, on the contrary, platinum is also added to the list of metals of sample 585.

If we consider silver in the same way, then the alloys in it are 7.5%, i.e. The product contains 92.5% pure silver, which corresponds to 925 purity. Like gold, white metal also has different grades. But they are completely unsuitable for jewelry.

The ligature for jewelry silver is copper. This is what makes jewelry more durable. Due to the low content of this metal, the red color does not appear in any way in the alloy with silver.

Noble metals from a male point of view

If we are talking about a representative of the stronger half of humanity, it is better to study his tastes in advance. However, if this is not possible, it would be wise to opt for more neutral silver. It doesn’t look so provocative, which suits men of traditional views and tastes.

A good watch in a silver case, a cigarette case or a pen made of the same metal will be an excellent gift for a man of any age and status.

The maximum that a serious business person can afford is a gold chain and/or bracelet. It is very difficult to choose such decoration: the brutal massiveness will evoke unwanted associations with crimson jackets from the 90s, and the ornate weaving will cause excessive glamor. However, you can give preference to white gold: it looks discreet and expensive at the same time.

If we are talking about people of art, celebrities of all stripes, or bearers of the Eastern mentality, the choice should be exactly the opposite. Massive gold jewelry of an ornate design with precious stones is the best gift for a representative of the stronger sex of a creative profession.

With Eastern men the situation is somewhat different. On the one hand, they adore gold - only the deaf have not heard of the notorious golden door handles or plumbing fixtures of the Arab sheikhs. But Islam does not welcome jewelry on men, therefore it is better to give them gold watches and other things of utilitarian purpose in a luxurious embodiment.

From an energy point of view, it is better for men to wear gold. It has a pronounced solar power, corresponding to the masculine principle.

How to wear?

Before you give preference to one or another piece of jewelry, it is worth checking whether you can wear it. It should not cause the slightest discomfort, so overly heavy, tight or grotesque jewelry that scratches your skin is not your option.

If your jewelry turns dark, it is not always a sign that it is of poor quality. Darkening may just be a signal that not everything is in order in the body - usually this indicates a hormonal imbalance.

Please note that allergies can occur even to noble metals. If after wearing jewelry you develop a rash, swelling, or feel a metallic taste in your mouth, you should not wear it.

Let’s add to the article that you shouldn’t always take such information at face value and perceive precious metals as a cure for diseases. Get treatment from doctors!

Advantages and disadvantages of gold

Gold is better than silver for several reasons:

  • Status. Gold jewelry in classic shades (yellow, pink and red) is visible from afar. When implemented well, they demonstrate not only high social status, but also the good taste of the owner.
  • Liquidity. This is an excellent investment, because gold is not prone to falling in price, at least relative to the Russian ruble. If necessary, it can be sold at a profit.
  • Inertia. This metal does not oxidize and does not cause allergic reactions. However, we should not forget that mainly 585-carat gold is used for the production of jewelry. Impurities can cause oxidation and loss of color during wear.

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Among the disadvantages of this noble metal, it is worth mentioning its high cost, softness in its pure form, and demands on the overall image of the wearer.

Gold does not cause allergic reactions, but the ligatures contained in it are capable of this. Most often, allergies occur to cheap varieties of white gold containing nickel and zinc. Expensive alloys with palladium do not have this drawback.

Physical properties of precious metals

The question of which metal from gold and silver is softer is very relative. And if we do not touch only on their physical properties, then we can say that both types of metal are inferior to others in strength.

Speaking about jewelry metals, i.e. used to make jewelry, a group can be listed. And in terms of cost, it is not gold or silver that will dominate this list. Precious metals also include: palladium, platinum, rhodium. It is in comparison with them that both gold and silver cannot be called durable. And it is these metals that help gold and silver jewelry be suitable for long-term wear - they are included in alloys of gold and silver.

The characteristics of precious metals are very similar. But still, among all, gold and, of course, silver are softer. And this is what the Friedrich Mohs scale says. If you arrange jewelry metals from the strongest to the softest, then the list with points will look like this:

  • rhodium – 6;
  • palladium – 4.75;
  • platinum – 4-4.45;
  • silver – 2.5-3;
  • gold – 2.5-3.

As you can see, the last place is shared by both metals, which we are used to seeing in jewelry. What happens, silver and gold are equal parts solid? Not at all.

There is another scale for determining the hardness of metals, developed by the scientist Brinell. In terms of this, these two metals are very similar, but gold is still softer than silver: the indicator is 220-250 versus 240-250. So, whatever you say, silver wins in comparison in terms of hardness.

In fact, the hardness indicators on both the Mohs and Brinell scales indicate that both metals are very soft. In their pure form they can easily be scratched with a fingernail. It is for this reason that there is no jewelry made of 100% gold or silver.

Pros and cons of silver

Sometimes it is difficult to determine at first glance whether it is white gold or silver. an experienced person, of course, will immediately notice the difference, because expensive varieties of white gold are visually comparable only to platinum. In principle, if your budget allows, it is rational to make a choice in favor of precious gold.

However, silver is better than gold when it comes to massive jewelry with geometric or deliberately rough designs. Everything related to sacred knowledge, runes or amulets is also best realized in silver. It is not without reason that popular beliefs attribute silver to miraculous powers, capable of resisting the dark energy of werewolves, vampires and other evil spirits.

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From an energetic point of view, silver correlates better with the feminine essence. It symbolizes the Moon (remember the purely female Old Slavic Moon), its soft reflected light and Yang energy.

How to make your choice?

When choosing a fashion accessory, it is advisable to know who suits gold and who can suit silver jewelry. Oddly enough, men are not advised to wear gold, but there are no contraindications for women. The philistine point of view comes down to the fact that it is inappropriate for the stronger sex to decorate themselves; this is the prerogative of women. But if we take into account the point of view of representatives of alternative medicine, then there is reason to think about it. The danger is that the oxidation process, which occurs due to the presence of impurities in gold, negatively affects blood counts. This can cause male infertility and impotence.

But is it really forbidden for men to wear gold? Not at all. Good products will adequately add weight and self-confidence to a man. But you should listen to the opinion of doctors. They recommend not wearing these items all the time. To believe in it or not is everyone's business.

It’s easier for women - their subcutaneous fat layer is thicker than men’s - this protects them from the negative effects of gold. Taking advantage, women wear entire sets made by skilled craftsmen. However, representatives of the fair sex should take into account some nuances when choosing jewelry made of gold and silver:

  1. Gold is very suitable for women with delicate skin tones. These may be the owners of green or brown eyes.
  2. Silver will decorate a representative with a healthy complexion – a brunette.
  3. Gold is not particularly selective regarding zodiac signs. The only exception is for Cancer and Pisces, for whom it is preferable to choose an alloy from these metals.
  4. Silver has no restrictions at all.
  5. It is better for unmarried girls to choose silver jewelry.

All this, of course, is conditional. But it is characteristic that youth likes the grace and lightness of silver, and maturity gravitates towards the good quality of gold. At the same time, women forget about the rejuvenating properties of silver.

You should not wear gold and silver at the same time. This will lead to disharmony not only aesthetic, but also physical. Over time, sudden mood swings can be observed - from cheerful to sad, as well as a deterioration in the condition of the body as a whole.

Recommendations for the care and storage of jewelry made of precious metals

Good jewelry does not require special care, but it also requires at least minimal self-care:

  • Remove jewelry when working with household chemicals or going to the pool or gym. Remember that alloys that make up jewelry alloys are not inert, and if handled carelessly, jewelry can be damaged.
  • You cannot clean jewelry with abrasives (with the exception of special pastes and gels). If the need arises, it is better to hold the jewelry in a soapy solution, and then wipe it dry with a napkin or flannel cloth.
  • If necessary, have your jewelry polished. This procedure is simple, quick and inexpensive, but requires a professional approach and special equipment.

Try to store jewelry separately from each other, in special cells or personal boxes, protect them from damage and occasionally send them to a jewelry service. They will reward you handsomely, delighting you with an unclouded shine and presentable appearance for many years!


About healing and magical properties

These precious metals have excellent healing properties. Considering their characteristics, gold is preferable for those who have poor circulation, signs of vascular and cardiac pathologies, and problems with the functioning of the musculoskeletal system and gastrointestinal tract.

It is generally accepted that wearing gold items can help prevent depression, improve memory, and increase intellectual abilities. The warmth of gold can relax and calm older people, as well as children.

According to Eastern teachings, gold contains solar energy, which has a positive effect on the general condition of individuals who tend to succumb to despondency, suffer from low blood pressure and a feeling of fatigue. Thanks to gold jewelry they receive the power of the Sun.

As for silver, first of all it should be noted its diagnostic feature - the ability to signal the onset of a disease by changing its appearance (it darkens, tarnishes). The fact that metal has antibacterial properties is undeniable, which is why water has been purified with it for a long time.

Despite the fact that silver can have a positive effect on vision and cardiac function, it is not advisable for older people to wear it due to its ability to emit coldness.

In rare cases, prolonged wearing of gold and silver jewelry can provoke allergic skin reactions. They can manifest as irregular heart rhythm, redness in places of contact with the body, and headache. In such situations, these products should be discarded.

When purchasing gold products, it is important to consider that it can bring bad luck if it was purchased by cunning or deception. It does not like embittered, stingy, lazy people and will not bring them success and prosperity. But it helps those who achieve everything through hard work. Helps pessimistic people, provided that products made from it are constantly close to the body.

Silver pendants, bracelets, and rings are recommended to be worn by young women who want to have children or are already carrying them. Things made of silver attract luck, prosperity, and love. The ability of silver to sense the energy field of each person makes it possible to prevent the negative effects of the evil eye and the influence of evil forces.

Silver is more volatile than gold

Short-term fluctuations in gold prices in most cases attract increased attention. But this precious metal is quite stable as a long-term investment. Gold's annual volatility was only slightly higher than the annual volatility of the S&P 500 over the 30 years from 1989 to 2021. The small size of the silver market compared to the gold market makes it highly vulnerable to sharp price fluctuations.

Silver is mined eight times faster than gold. However, gold is currently at least 70 times more expensive than the silver metal on a per-ounce basis. Consequently, the entire silver market is only a small fraction of the gold market in value.

Adding to this instability, more than 70% of silver reserves are a byproduct of mining other metals, including gold and copper. This forces supply to respond to changes in demand.

Due to the fact that silver is quite volatile, there is greater interest in it among those who want to speculate on short-term fluctuations. However, gold as a long-term risk hedge is also very attractive.

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