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Since ancient times, the rare semi-precious stone danburite has been known, which has magical properties and healing effects. The mineral is rarely used in jewelry, but is considered a fairly strong talisman and amulet that can protect its owner from the negative energy of the surrounding world. It gives a person a feeling of comfort, calm and confidence in the future.

What is a mineral

Danburite is not without reason nicknamed the Mexican diamond:

  • Transparent, with a glassy sheen, the faceted stone is indistinguishable from a diamond.
  • Sometimes it looks like tourmaline, citrine, phenacite, apatite.
  • Bementite stands out - a transparent variety with needle-shaped fragments of tourmaline inside. Named after the American, collector Spencer Bement.

The first crystals were discovered in 1839 in the vicinity of the city of Danbury (USA, Connecticut) by Charles Shepard, a professional field hockey player and participant in the Olympic Games. The find inscribed his name in the history of mineralogy.

Danburite crystal from Mexico, height 4.5 cm

How to spot a fake

Danburite is in demand, so on the stone market you can often find its imitation made of glass. You can distinguish a fake from a natural mineral by several signs:

  • Real danburite exhibits a fluorescence effect under ultraviolet rays - the stone begins to glow blue or blue-green.
  • If the mineral is heated over a fire, it will turn red.
  • Natural danburite has a higher specific gravity compared to glass and lower thermal conductivity.

Some specimens of danburite have an external resemblance to citrine, apatite, tourmaline, and phenacite.

Physico-chemical characteristics

According to the chemical nomenclature, the mineral danburite is calcium borosilicate. The complexity of the composition is reflected in the long formula CaB2[SiO4]2.

FormulaCa[B2Si2O8] or B2O3 CaO 2SiO2
ColorColorless, wine yellow, pink
Stroke colorWhite
ShineGlass, greasy when broken
Hardness7 – 7,5
KinkUneven, conchoidal
Density3.0 g/cm³
Crystallographic properties
Refractive index1,630 – 1,636

Healing and magical influence

Like any other natural stone, danburite has healing properties:

  • relieves migraines;
  • relieves stress;
  • relieves fatigue;
  • helps relax;
  • improves sleep;
  • allows you to turn off thoughts during meditation.

Magical properties that can be seen in the mineral:

  • serves as a talisman against bad energy;
  • increases efficiency and determination;
  • calms emotional people, allows them to be more restrained;
  • clears the mind of bad thoughts and intentions;
  • protects from deceivers and envious people.

The stone can accumulate negative energy, so it should be cleaned regularly with water.

The mineral is suitable for almost all people, especially Sagittarius, Scorpio, Aries and Leo. Representatives of these zodiac signs are prone to rash actions and adventures. The stone will help calm their ardor and allow them to make more informed decisions. The only sign for which the crystal is contraindicated is Capricorn. A nugget will not be able to benefit these people and will only aggravate their problematic character traits.

Where is it mined?

Mineral deposits are formed in places with high concentrations of boron. They are of hydrothermal or metamorphic origin.

Gems are mined in Japan, Myanmar, USA, Switzerland, Italy, and the Czech Republic.

The most beautiful danburites are found in the deposits of Madagascar. They are easily distinguished by their yellow-brown shades.

The extraction of the largest stones of jewelry quality (colorless, 20+ cm long) is established at the Dalnegorsk mine in Russia.

General characteristics: description and appearance

The crystal belongs to the group of borosilicates, which are formed in rocks; it is often confused with calcite and quartz. The composition contains impurities of the chemical elements iron, manganese and strontium. The mineral has physical properties such as:

  • transparency;
  • color - pale, from white to dull yellow;
  • medium degree of hardness;
  • increased density and strength;
  • glass shine;
  • red glow when heated.

You can get acquainted with the characteristics and general appearance of a semi-precious gem, which has no analogues, by watching the video

How to use

The areas of application are determined by the conditions of the raw materials:

  • Danburite is primarily a collection stone. Collectors welcome any specimen. Of particular note are samples of rare pink and orange shades.
  • Fragility, weak pleochroism, paleness - these characteristics reduce the demand among jewelers. Although products with such inserts are amazing. The semi-precious stone is cut into facets (emerald or diamond), framed with gold, platinum, and silver.
  • Non-jewelry, non-collectible raw materials go to industrialists. This is a source of boron compounds, which, for example, is an alloy for coating aircraft turbines.

The largest danburites are kept in museums. The pride of the British Museum is a 138.60-carat cut yellowish-pink stone from Myanmar. A fiery orange mineral worth 86.50 carats from Madagascar was acquired by the capital museum of Canada.


Ring with danburite
The main area of ​​application of danburite is collecting. Owners of mineralogical collections love this stone. Pink and orange specimens, rarely found in nature, are especially in demand.

The gem is used to make jewelry, despite its increased fragility. It is cut with diamond and emerald cut, and precious metals are used as a frame - gold, platinum, high-quality silver.

Everything that is not in demand by collectors and jewelers is used in industry. Danburite is a source of boron, which is used in the chemical and glass industries, aircraft manufacturing, ceramics and agricultural fertilizers.

Magical powers

The magical properties of danburite help in everyday affairs and witchcraft practices:

  • A person is able to awaken the gift of divination.
  • The gem will help you find your life’s work and build a personal scale of values.
  • It will teach you to “read” people, analyze the whole and the details.
  • The magic of the stone will make it easier to part with the past and start life from scratch.

The stone will teach you to see the signs sent by fate, master astral exits and lucid dreams.

However, danburite is suitable only for honest, purposeful pragmatists. Keeps you away from euphoria and melancholy. With bad intentions, it will become a brake, creating health problems. If the owner does not wise up, the disease will progress to a severe or chronic stage, and the stone will crack.

Natural danburite stone its magical properties and characteristics

Danburite stone

Danburites are not well known among ordinary people. For some time now, these stones have been known mostly to craftsmen and collectors. Jewelers love them for their similarity to topaz, excellent jewelry characteristics and beautiful shades.

The stone got its name from its location – Danbury. The mineral also has a second name – “Mexican diamond”. Despite the huge number of places where stone deposits are located, the mass of the mineral suitable for jewelry use is small, which is why the crystal is considered quite rare.

The prevalence of the stone could be increased by the boron contained in the rock, which is a popular substance on our planet, but due to numerous impurities and special characteristics, the stone does not appear in nature as often as craftsmen would like.

Danburite stones , due to their external characteristics, could easily be presented as imitations of topazes or diamonds. But the rarity of its occurrence and some other features do not allow the use of the stone in such a design.


The color palette of the stone is not too extensive; it is usually a transparent shade, which often acts as an imitation of diamond, as well as yellow, brown, and orange colors. Possessing a vitreous luster, the mineral becomes incredibly shiny and radiant after polishing. Transparent by nature, danburites are often very similar to diamonds, but rarely become their analogues due to their considerable cost. The hardness of the stones also differs; danburites are only slightly softer than diamonds, being at the level of topaz.

An interesting feature of minerals is their ability to glow blue or turquoise in ultraviolet radiation. As the stone heats up, it begins to show a red color. These features make it possible to distinguish danburite from fakes and diamonds in laboratory conditions.


Craftsmen love danburite for its ease of processing and malleability. The stone is usually cut into a brilliant cut, which brings it closer to a diamond, or fancy. The mineral is not afraid of complex types of cutting; on the contrary, it is in this type of processing that it is most often used. Some samples with defects, for example, with cracks, can be processed in the form of a cabochon, but this is rarely done, since the properties of the stone are leveled, its brilliance and beauty are eliminated.

Refinement is not applied to minerals too often. This can be the application of a thin layer of gold, which covers the stone with a film of iridescent golden-blue color. Pale specimens are sometimes irradiated to enhance the stone's hues. But usually with this type of improvement, the color of the mineral becomes unstable.


Danburites are not often used in jewelry; rather, they are a collection stone that sometimes becomes part of jewelry. The beauty of the mineral makes it attractive to connoisseurs, and special examples of rare color, size or shape are awarded only to the best collections, the highest prices or a place in museums.

Danburite becomes a jewelry insert mainly to order. The hardness and transparency of the stone allows you to create magnificent products from it and cut it into the most complex types of cuts. Largely due to its brilliance and transparency, danburite resembles diamonds, and many seek to adorn themselves with such unique jewelry. The mineral can become part of a ring or pendant, brooch, bracelet, exquisite necklace, ring or earrings. Numerous types of processing allow you to create magnificent and complex products from crystal.

Using danburite as a diamond imitation is not entirely advisable, although sometimes it is still used in practice. Typically, the cost of a stone is equal to the price of diamonds, so replacement is carried out not for profit, but to create a unique piece of jewelry.

Another area of ​​application for danburite is industry. Stone serves as an excellent raw material for the creation of ceramics and glass products, for the production of protective coatings that are resistant to acids and chemicals. Similar coatings are used in the production of engine parts. Also, being a source of boron, danburite is used to extract compounds of this substance.

Magic properties

Danburite is a great stone for calming and finding balance. With its help you can put your thoughts in order, relieve fatigue, and find the right path. The stone seems to guide its owner, directing his mind to correct and reasonable thoughts and decisions. With the help of the mineral, you can develop your analytical abilities and strengthen your intuition. But the crystal will only help a person with good thoughts, but the stone can, on the contrary, hinder a bearer with greedy and unkind thoughts. The resistance of the mineral can manifest itself in a person’s malaise, poor health, and dizziness. If you have similar feelings when wearing danburite, check whether your thoughts are so pure. Otherwise, the stone may turn against its owner so much that it may even harm him.

Medicinal properties

A little-studied stone mainly helps only on a mental level. No special therapeutic properties of the mineral have yet been discovered. It is believed that danburite helps to calm down and tune into a calm mood. In this way, a person can get out of a negative state and improve his mood. Lithotherapists use the stone to treat diseases of a neurological and psychological nature.

Danburite copes well with depression, hysterics, and panic attacks. With the help of a stone you can eliminate insomnia and fight fears. Tics, muscle pain, and tension can also be treated with stones. Meditations can be performed with danburite, which can lead to a harmonious state. The mineral danburite also be used in stone therapy to influence various points of the human body.


Counterfeits of danburite are not very common, but, being a rare and collectible stone, it still sometimes serves as an original for imitations. In many ways, danburite itself can become an imitation of topaz or diamond. This happens rarely, but in this case you can distinguish a fake in the following ways:

  • If danburite is confused with a diamond, you can try to scratch the stone with a diamond, since its hardness is less than diamond. Real danburite will scratch.
  • Another way to distinguish a stone from a diamond is to illuminate it with ultraviolet light. In this case, the danburite will glow blue or turquoise.
  • A fake made from artificial materials is checked by a thermal conductivity test. Place the pebble in one palm for a couple of minutes, then move it to the other hand. If the stone still feels cold, it means it is natural.
  • Imitations made from softer materials (plastic, glass, acrylic) are easily distinguished by a scratch test. Danburites are hard, glass will not scratch them, unlike imitation materials.


Danburites are not fussy to care for; on the contrary, they can scratch softer objects and stones. Therefore, it is better to keep them in a separate box or bag, and also store them separately with diamonds. You can wash the mineral with mild soap and water at room temperature.

Danburite according to the Zodiac

Danburite is suitable for Scorpios, Leos, Aries, Sagittarius. The talisman will protect them from vanity, suspiciousness, and adventurism.

Contraindicated for Capricorns. Others can use the mineral as decoration. And with personal compatibility, get help.

Basic magical properties

Magicians and sorcerers rarely use danburite stone in their rituals. This is due to the fact that the magical qualities of the crystal are aimed at guiding the actions and deeds of the owner: it helps to analyze achievements, mistakes, makes it possible to learn to criticize oneself, to see a person’s shortcomings, but can also protect against bad thoughts and deeds.

It is recommended to have a stone for people whose character contains rancor, which will help to let go of grievances.

It brings the greatest benefit to people whose character is prone to adventure, pride, and rancor. The mineral will make such individuals softer, calmer, and will give them the opportunity to let go of grievances and worries. Danburite is a strong talisman for a purposeful person who is not accustomed to resting on his laurels, always moves forward and looks to the future with hope. It can help you achieve good results, but only in the right way. If the owner becomes dizzy with success, the gem will warn him against mistakes in the future.

Danburite controls the behavior of its own owner. He is able to stop bad thoughts and will not allow you to commit a bad deed. If the owner of the crystal thinks badly of a person or wishes evil, then the gem has a negative effect on his health, bringing problems ranging from toothache to high blood pressure. Danburite thus reminds its owner that arrogance and pride are negative qualities and should not be used. Thus, the stone protects a person from problems and difficulties due to behavior.

Strengths in magic

Jewelry made from this semi-precious mineral is rarely made as it has a pale, dull color and does not attract attention. Minerologists and lithotherapists recommend keeping pieces of danburite in the room where you spend the most time, at home and at work. Those jewelry that is found in jewelry shops and stores, as a rule, are set in gold or silver. There are interior details made of mineral, inserts in boxes, key chains, and dishes.

Magical danburite absorbs the negative energy of others, processes it and bestows its owner with tranquility, peace, tranquility, poise and restraint. Helps to recharge a person with positivity and positive energy, develops the gift of insight and clairvoyance, and enhances intuition.

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