Unakite stone: properties, meaning and influence on different zodiac signs

Origin story

The stone was named Unakite in honor of the Unaka mountain range, located in the North American states of North Carolina and Tennessee, at the foot of which it was found in 1874.

Beautiful multi-colored pebbles, discovered by geologists on the shores of one of the local lakes, were unmistakably classified by them as metamorphic rocks, which are the result of the transformation of other minerals.

According to gemologists, the formation of unakite occurred as follows:

  • At the initial stage, blocks of coarse-grained granite were formed from hot magmatic masses that erupted to the surface of the earth and froze in the air.
  • At the next stage, granite was exposed for several million years to deep waters saturated with minerals and calcium ions, which, upon contact with granite, displaced magnesium and potassium molecules from its structure. Other minerals gradually took the place of the displaced molecules. The result was a beautiful mosaic stone.

Since the main condition for the formation of unakite is the continuous influence of groundwater, unakite deposits are found exclusively in the vicinity of underground reservoirs and on the shores of ancient lakes.

Where is it mined?

The stone is mined on an industrial scale. It is not uncommon. Unakite deposits are still found in North America near the Unas Mountains.

Local businessmen organized excursions here. Tourists like to walk through places with beautiful nature and find pieces of mosaic granite under their feet.

Stones are also mined in China, Ireland, Brazil, southern and western Africa.

In the Russian Federation, the deposit is located on the Kola Peninsula. Large mosaic granites are found here.

There is no shortage of unakite in the world today. Despite constant development, its reserves do not dry out. Therefore, the cost remains low.


Unakite, which is a good ornamental stone, is widely used in jewelry and stone cutting.

A light and durable mineral with a dense structure, ideal for grinding and processing, is used for the manufacture of:

  • All kinds of souvenirs: candelabra, boxes, tableware, pyramids, balls, figurines of people and animals. Unakite eggs are often used as a magical talisman that can spread positive energy around oneself.
  • Inexpensive jewelry: earrings, bracelets, pendants, beads and rings.

Areas of use

This mineral is actively used for the manufacture of therapeutic massage structures. With their help, it became more effective to get rid of fatigue and swelling of the legs.

The stone is often used in jewelry and souvenirs. Figurines, jewelry boxes and lamps are made from it. Jewelers use this crystal to create jewelry of a small price category. Beads, bracelets and pendants made from it look much more expensive compared to their price.

In the construction industry, the monolith is used for the manufacture of facing materials due to its strength and hardness. Sorcerers make amulets from it for all occasions. Despite the high density of the stone, it should not be subjected to heat treatment. It is believed that this will lead to a decrease in magical and healing properties.

Physical properties and characteristics

The physical properties of unakite, which belongs to the class of silicates and is rich in iron, silicon oxide, calcium and aluminum, are identical to those of granite.

The mineral has:

  • high (2.55-2.8 g/m3) density indicator (allows the use of stone in construction for facing work);
  • hardness equal to 6-7 points on the Mohs scale;
  • uneven fracture;
  • lack of transparency, cleavage and syngony;
  • glass luster, which after grinding the mineral becomes silky or matte;
  • mosaic color, characterized by a combination of green and pink (sometimes burgundy or red) colors with many gray or white specks;
  • The chemical composition contains silicon oxide, iron, calcium, hydroxide ions and aluminum, the chemical formula is Ca2(Fe,Al)Al2(Si2O7)(SiO4)O(OH).

The stone lends itself perfectly to polishing, acquiring a silky shine, and is therefore in demand as an ornamental material. All varieties of unakite are not precious.


Unakite is a granite rock. As a result of the influence of underground groundwater located under the volcanic lava, its external structure was changed. This is due to the fact that magmatic water contains a high concentration of calcium. Over time, the crystal lost magnesium and potassium from its composition, which were replaced by mica.

This monolith is characterized by high density and hardness. There are no cracks or chips on its surface. The hardness parameters are 7 points out of 10. The chemical composition of this monolith contains the following elements: iron, aluminum, silicon oxide and hydroxide.

Varieties of mineral

The color of Unakite stone varies. Varieties of a yellow hue, with gray or black spots, are often found. There are monoliths in red, purple, pink and brown.

The color of the monolith depends on which rock predominates in its composition. The variety of shades is large, which allows a person to choose a type of breed, depending on his mood or color of clothing.

Place of Birth

Reserves of selected mosaic granite, which is quite common and mined on an industrial scale, have not dried up to this day, so its cost is low.

Its extraction is established in:

  • USA;
  • Ireland;
  • Brazil;
  • China;
  • Sierra Leone.
  • In Russia, a deposit of unakite, found in the form of pebbles and fairly large boulders, is located on the Kola Peninsula.

Unakite stone deposits

USA - the birthplace of unakite
Unakite is extremely attractive. Its exceptional color makes a strong impression. It was first discovered in the 19th century in North Carolina near the Unakas Mountains, located on the shores of Lake Superior in the USA.

A mineral is an ordinary boulder or pebble lying on the ground. Unakite received its name in honor of the place where it was found. Its deposits are being developed on the territory of the Kola Peninsula. The stone is also mined in China, Brazil, Sierra Leone, Ireland and South Africa.

Varieties, colors

Depending on the percentage of rocks (epidote, gray quartz and feldspar) that make up unakite, its color may vary:

  1. Samples with a high content of potassium spar acquire brown, golden and reddish-pink tones.
  2. The predominance of epidote gives the stone an emerald green color.
  3. Specimens containing a lot of quartz are painted in gray and white tones.

Stones dotted with many red-brown spots, as well as brown, white and even blue specks resembling grains, are highly decorative.

Stone cutters most value specimens that have a chaotic mosaic structure.

The color of each sample is unique, since in nature it is impossible to find two similar unakites with the same percentage of minerals.

That is why each pebble has a unique color and pattern.

Color varieties

Due to its origin, unakite is endowed with an unusual color and texture. The presence of certain elements in the composition determines the color of the mineral:

  • Epidote gives the gem emerald green hues.
  • Potassium spar has pink-red tones.
  • Quartz is responsible for white, gray or colorless inclusions.

Photo gallery of colors and stone decorations:

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Each of the elements found in unakite exhibits its own color. Interspersed with various colors create a unique pattern on the surface of the stone. The predominant element is responsible for the main shade of each specimen. The mosaic chaotic structure, texture and inclusions of brown, red, brown, and occasionally even blue tones make unakite a favorite material for stone carvers.

Magic properties

The magical properties of unakite are due to the unusually strong energy of this stone.

According to esotericists, the owner of unakite acquires the ability to:

  • Be in harmony with the world around you and with yourself;
  • Feel free to build promising projects;
  • Fence off from stressful situations and external negativity coming from people around you;
  • Assessing the situation soberly and quickly solving problems;
  • Do not dwell on the past, drawing the right conclusions from mistakes made and forgetting about insults and betrayal.

Thanks to these qualities, the owner of the magic stone quickly achieves career growth and business success.

Having become acquainted with the granite gem, people appreciated the positive energy emanating from the stone. Unakite is an excellent helper in improving the mood and stabilizing the psychological comfort of its owner.

Esotericists claim that the stone supports in the owner the desire to improve and the desire for knowledge. The stone provides its owner with powerful protection from the negative influence of prying eyes and emotions.

However, prolonged tactile contact with this mountain mineral can deprive you of feelings of compassion and mutual assistance.

Effect on chakras

In Indian practices, there is a distribution of stones according to energy centers. Unakite affects the fourth chakra - Anahata, which is responsible for the heart area, blood vessels, lungs and hands. An open heart channel makes a person friendly and loving, strengthens his willpower to transform the world. The chakra energy comes under the influence of the color green. It is the center of love, personal power, faith and healing. An imbalance in the fourth center provokes the development of feelings of grief and negative experiences. To open a chakra, you need to influence it with green stones, one of which is unakite.

Medicinal properties

Lithotherapists who have thoroughly studied the healing properties of unakite are convinced of its ambiguous effect on the human body.

In their opinion, the main merit of the gem is not in the direct treatment of ailments, but in strengthening the human body’s resistance to them.

Unakite has been found to promote:

  • Normalization of body weight;
  • Restoring proper metabolism;
  • Maintaining mental balance.

The powerful energy of unakite prevents diseases from becoming chronic. With its help, treatment proceeds faster, and the condition of patients is significantly improved.

The effectiveness of the stone largely depends on the type of decoration:

  • A string of long beads is an excellent barrier to viral infections (including influenza), so they are recommended to be worn during seasonal epidemics.
  • The bracelet will benefit hot-tempered, emotionally unstable people, stopping their excessive excitement.
  • Short beads or a brooch will improve the functioning of the lungs and heart muscle, protect against viral epidemics and stabilize the nervous system.
  • In case of radiculitis, bruises , swelling and hematomas, a polished pebble is applied to problem areas or carefully moved around the wound in order to activate blood flow.
  • Massage of the lumbar region , performed using an unakite massager, has a beneficial effect on the female body and promotes pregnancy.


Therapeutic effect

The healers immediately noticed the mottled stone. He is young by magical standards, but the basic capabilities have been studied.

General properties

Lithotherapists have established the healing properties of unakite:

  • the stone promotes weight loss;
  • restores metabolism;
  • helps with mental disorders.

The energy of unakite prevents diseases from becoming chronic, speeds up treatment, and alleviates the patient’s condition. But its main significance for a person is to support mental balance.

Types of decorations

The type of decoration also matters:

  • Long beads will protect against seasonal epidemics (flu, other viruses).
  • Brooch, short beads facilitate the work of the heart and lungs.
  • The bracelet is useful for emotionally unstable, hot-tempered people.
  • Earrings or a ring with unakite will add attractiveness and mystery to the owner.

Unakite pebbles are applied to bruises, inflammations, and sore areas with radiculitis. Massaging the lumbar region with an unakite massager helps to get pregnant.

You can energetically cleanse unakite of negativity by burying it in granite chips or sand for a week.

Who is suitable according to their zodiac sign?

Unakite, according to astrologers, is a mineral that is suitable for representatives of almost all zodiac signs:

A talisman with unakite can be especially useful for people born under the sign of Scorpio , known for its ability to succumb to the influence of both light and dark forces with equal ease (which largely depends on the environment).

Unakite will endow its owner with extraordinary physical and spiritual powers, protect against damage and the evil eye, prevent acquaintance with suspicious company, and also change the life of a person in a borderline state for the better.

Scorpio men will gain determination and self-confidence. Single women will find their soul mate, and career women will achieve a long-awaited promotion.

  • With the help of the gem, Sagittarius will be able to improve their personal life, as well as get rid of conventions and complexes that prevent them from achieving their planned career heights.
  • Libras who use unakite as a talisman will finally find harmony and, having stopped worrying about trifles, will be able to enjoy life.
  • The support of the talisman will bring Capricorns confidence in their own abilities. Having gotten rid of addictions, they will receive good health as a reward.
  • The influence of the mineral will make Aquarius attractive in the eyes of others: they will be able to appreciate their good nature and sincerity.
  • By enlisting the support of an unakite, Virgos will be able to establish harmonious relationships both in the family and in the work team.
  • The magical properties of the stone will ensure Leo success in educational and work activities, help improve their financial situation, and also protect them from the machinations of ill-wishers.
  • Unakite will relieve Cancers from prolonged depression, teach them not to be upset over trifles, charge them with a positive mood and help them safely get rid of accumulated problems.
  • Once under the beneficial influence of the gem, Gemini will learn to control their emotional state, gain endurance and balance, and will also be able to achieve success in a completely new area of ​​life for them.
  • Unakite will become the most reliable talisman for Taurus , protecting them from diseases, damage and the evil eye. With its help, they will be able to discover their hidden abilities.
  • Aries will be endowed with a powerful charge of energy for self-development and achieving your goals.
  • The influence of unakite will help Pisces overcome suspicion and distrust of others. By becoming more trusting and open, they will be able to create a strong family.

Talismans and amulets

Talisman with jasper and unakite

Unakite, used as a talisman or amulet, is capable of:

  1. Protect your owner from diseases and all kinds of failures , as well as neutralize negative influences from the outside. The owner of unakite can never be harmed by envious people. The gem will not only reflect the negativity directed at it, but will also return it to ill-wishers in double the amount.
  2. Improve the atmosphere in the house , protect its inhabitants from troubles and quarrels, and give the relationship between household members special kindness and trust.
  3. Heal heart wounds , improve personal relationships. The owner of earrings or a ring with unakite inserts will gain mystery and attractiveness in the eyes of representatives of the opposite sex.
  4. Creating an atmosphere of comfort and warmth helps to find peace and inner harmony.
  5. Make its owner more purposeful , decisive and strong-willed, helping him achieve his goals in the shortest possible time.

Also, it is able to awaken the desire for knowledge and develop intellectual abilities. This is an excellent talisman for schoolchildren, students and people involved in teaching and science.

The influence of the gem awakens curiosity in people, the desire to invent something new, read and apply the acquired knowledge in practice.

By destroying internal barriers that hinder development, unakite stimulates self-improvement and personal growth.

In order for a student to study better, gaining knowledge with special ease and ease, it is recommended to sew a piece of unakite into his backpack.

When using unakite to treat ailments or as a magical amulet, you must remember that this gem, endowed with powerful energy, quickly gets used to the hands of its owner.

A stone that was used only once should not be sold or re-gifted.

Transferring its positive energy to the owner, the unakit in return absorbs all of his negativity. That is why amulets passed from one hand to another either stop working or do not work as expected.

For the same reason, you should not use unakite received as an inheritance: a stone that stores information about the previous owner will not have any positive effect: neither magical nor healing.

Unakite, which is a strong amulet against evil spirits, is recommended to be kept with you when visiting places where you can meet sorcerers, witches and other ill-wishers.

When going to church, it is advisable to wear a ring or earrings with unakite.

Unakite, used as an amulet or talisman, needs regular energetic cleansing. You can do this:

  • Hold the stone in running water: a stream, a spring or under running regular tap water.
  • Place the gem in a jar with salt or rice for several days. After this time, the stone is washed and the product used to clean it is thrown away.
  • Bury a pebble in sand or granite chips for a week. After this, after washing the unakit with water, allow it to dry in the moonlight or sunlight.
  • Hold the mineral over the fire.

A signal that the gem is full of negative energy and the need for another cleaning is ripe is a change in its color and the disappearance of its shine.


What to wear:

  • Unakite, which can be easily processed and polished, is used by jewelers to make necklaces, bracelets and inserts into pendants, earrings, brooches and rings.
  • For the setting of inexpensive gemstones, jewelry alloys, cupronickel, silver-plated brass and silver are most often used.
  • In jewelry, jasper most often coexists with unakite.
  • The unique beauty of this stone is best revealed in large cabochons.

A product with unakite can make any toilet look elegant. However, you should adhere to the following rules:

  • It is recommended to wear jewelry with unakite exclusively with monochromatic items: against the background of colorful fabric, they will either “get lost” or introduce disharmony into its design.
  • A complete set of products, consisting of a necklace, earrings and bracelets, is appropriate only in a folklore costume. For a walk or to work, one piece of jewelry is enough.
  • As a decoration, unakit is suitable for middle-aged people. The younger generation can use it as an amulet or talisman.
  • Jewelry with unakite can be worn to a friendly meeting, business negotiations or an evening walk.

Unakite bracelets, earrings, beads and pendants look very harmonious.

Thanks to its flexibility in grinding, it is possible to create ideally shaped beads and cabochons for jewelry from the stone.

Boxes and stands made of three-color mineral are very popular. Souvenirs in the form of eggs, balls and animal figurines are also in demand.

How to wear

The stone makes any outfit festive. But you need to be careful when using jewelry with unakite:

  • It is better to wear it with a monochromatic wardrobe: on a colorful one, the decoration will “dissolve” or disrupt the harmony of the fabric pattern.
  • Large items (beads, bracelets, necklaces) are not worn en masse to the office or for a walk: one or two are enough. In folklore attire you can boast of a complete set.
  • This is more an attribute of people starting from middle age. For younger people it can be an amulet or talisman.

Constantly wearing an unakite product is fraught from a magical point of view: a person can become selfish, indifferent to the problems of even close people.

Other uses of stone

The main significance of unakite is its use as a universal decorative and finishing material that is not afraid of high humidity and pollution, is not subject to mechanical damage and can easily withstand sudden temperature changes.

The stone, which lends itself well to grinding, is used for:

  • Facing of fountains and plinths of administrative buildings;
  • Production of paving slabs and mosaics;
  • Manufacturing of mantels and decorative tabletops;
  • Additions to decorative granite mixtures.


  • A stone endowed with pronounced magical properties is often used as a talisman or talisman.
  • Lithotherapists use unakite to treat many diseases.


Unakite products can be purchased on one of the Russian Internet sites:

  • The cost of tumbling (with a diameter of 12 to 30 mm) is 40-70 rubles.
  • For an animal figurine you can pay 870-950 rubles.
  • A ball (50 mm in diameter) or an egg will cost the buyer 780-800 rubles.
  • A thread with beads for massage costs 380-540 rubles.

The cost of jewelry framed in silver-plated cupronickel is as follows:

  • Beads – 750-1300 rub.
  • Ring – 450-780 rub.
  • Bracelet – 480-1250 rub.
  • Earrings – 550-720 rub.
  • Pendant – 520-670 rub.
  • Brooch – 560 rub.

A complete set of jewelry can be bought for 3-4 thousand rubles.


Caring for unakite, which is not subject to mechanical damage, weakly reacts to chemicals and does not attract pollution, is extremely simple:

  1. To eliminate accumulated negative energy and impurities, you need to wash it twice a year under cool running water with a soft toothbrush.
  2. Having finished cleaning , leave the stone under the flowing stream for another quarter of an hour: this will help to finally get rid of negative energy. The cleaned gem is wiped dry and put into the box.
  3. When applying cosmetics , cleaning, visiting a sauna or actively playing sports, it is recommended to remove jewelry with unakite: nothing will happen to a durable stone, but the polishing of the inserts may suffer.
  4. It is undesirable to expose the gem to sudden temperature changes.

What does the horoscope say

As for who unakite is suitable for according to their horoscope, astrologers believe that there are no zodiac “contraindications” for “intimacy” with this mineral. And the mosaic stone feels the greatest love for Scorpios. Scorpio girls in contact with the unakite talisman become even more charming, and men become more purposeful, independent and luckier.

Unakite jewelry is restrained and laconic, unobtrusive and at the same time favorably emphasizes any image, combining with the most whimsical, eclectic, aggressive stylistic delights, without weighing down even the delicate linen look.

An important advantage of products made from this stone is its affordable price. Literally every schoolchild can afford jewelry with an unakite insert if he saves his pocket money for a few days. Unakite is rarely set with precious metals, therefore the price for such jewelry is extremely tempting:

  • Pendants – from 200 rubles;
  • Bracelet – from 300;
  • Earrings – from 400;
  • Beads – from 500;
  • Small sculptures - from 500 to 1000.

There are probably no fakes of unakite. This makes no sense, since the mineral is quite widespread, it is not difficult to mine and process, and it is very cheap. Another question is that an ignorant person may confuse the green variety of granite with jasper. They are indeed very similar, but unakite is still much brighter.

Unakite is not demanding in terms of care, since it is not afraid of dirt, chemicals, or mechanical stress, but it is advisable to protect products made from this mineral from sudden temperature changes.

How to distinguish from a fake?

Green Jasper

Unakite, which is an inexpensive ornamental stone, is never counterfeited, since the cost of its production will always be higher than the cost of natural stone.

Unscrupulous sellers quite often try to pass it off as green jasper: both stones are similar in appearance, although the cheaper unakite looks more expressive and textured.

In order to avoid confusion and purchase a product made from natural unakite, you must ask the store for a certificate guaranteeing the authenticity of the gem.

Mineral unakite: properties, hardness and chemical composition

Jasper unakite stone
The properties of unakite stone are determined by its origin. Due to the influence of waters lying deep underground, potassium and magnesium were washed out of the rock structure, and other elements appeared in their place. Epidote gave the stone a rich green color.

Calcium feldspar added pink and reddish flecks, and quartz contributed colorless flecks.

The different combinations of these elements create a unique pattern and color scheme for the opaque crystal, which shimmers with beautiful silky reflections.

It is also interesting that by touching its surface, you can feel those areas where the transition of one element to another occurs.

The unakite mineral has high hardness (up to seven units on the Mohs scale) and density (up to 2.85 g/cm³).

It is quite massive and is distinguished by the fact that there are practically no cracks on it.

The basis of its crystal lattice is made up of atoms of calcium, iron, aluminum, and silicon. It is not affected by acids.

There are no difficulties with the development of deposits and extraction of this mineral.

It is hard, without defects on the surface and has a very beautiful color.

It is these properties of unakite that make it very popular for use in creating original jewelry and decorative items.

Everyone can afford to purchase products made from unakite, since their prices are quite affordable.

The most popular processing method is cabochon. Earrings, pendants, rings with cabochons are very impressive, because in this way the beauty of the natural pattern of the stone is fully revealed. These crystals are malleable, so they are often used to make various figures or boxes.

This green stone with an amazing design does not require special storage conditions, but it must be handled with care. If you have to do cleaning, sports training, or water procedures, then it is better to remove the jewelry. In addition, exposure of such products to temperature changes should be avoided.

Compatibility with other stones

Beads with jasper, unakite and agate

In order for natural stones to be worn with pleasure and bring maximum benefit, it is necessary to take into account their compatibility according to the principle of mineralogical astrology, since not all stones “get along” with each other.

Multi-colored unakite is beautiful in itself, so it is rarely combined with other minerals, but if desired, it can be combined with:

  • agate;
  • turquoise;
  • jasper;
  • pomegranate;
  • adularia;
  • coral;
  • tiger eye;
  • chrysoprase;
  • coil;
  • malachite.

At the same time, the compatibility of unakite with blue quartz, hyacinth, carbuncle, amber, opal, emerald, topaz and olivine is completely absent.

Interesting Facts

  1. A talisman made of unakite, capable of harmonizing the state of a person in an environment of extraordinary fuss, is especially relevant for residents of megacities.
  2. According to Indian practices that distribute minerals across energy centers, unakite affects Anahata, the fourth chakra, which is responsible for the functioning of the cardiovascular system, the condition of the skin, chest organs and arms.
  3. It is not recommended to constantly wear an amulet with unakite, since the energy of this stone can make its owner too callous, selfish and indifferent to the needs of even those close to him.
  4. Talismans with unakite, which has strong magical properties, are often used by sorcerers and psychics when performing magical rituals.

Healing and magical properties of the stone

Jewelry or figurines made from unakite have a beneficial effect on the internal state of a person, and it is also used to treat diseases:

  • organs of the genitourinary system;
  • reproductive organs;
  • skin diseases;
  • joint diseases;
  • lungs and bronchi.

Mineral balls are used for massage, which helps get rid of cellulite, reduce weight by affecting lymph nodes and skin cells, improving metabolic processes in the body and removing waste and toxins from it. By massaging the stone over the skin, you can quickly get rid of swelling, abrasions, bruises, smooth out fine wrinkles, improve elasticity and complexion.

Married couples who cannot conceive or bear a child need to acquire an unakite, but each spouse must have their own stone, not just one for both of them. Experts recommend wearing small pendants with minerals or installing small figurines in the bedroom on both sides of the bed.

Sore joints are massaged with epidote for 30 minutes, after which they are washed with running water and set aside for a while; such a massage for treating joints is carried out daily.

Any product is good to wear for schoolchildren and students; this stone helps to learn a lot of new things and quickly assimilate the material covered. It is able to develop in its owner perseverance, scrupulousness, and teach how to bring things to their logical conclusion.

Esotericists, folk healers, and magicians have noted the incredible energy of the mineral, which affects the human aura and restores it. An unakite ball helps magicians predict the future and conduct healing sessions. Amulets, talismans, amulets charmed by a specialist protect their owner from damage, the evil eye, energy vampirism, unscrupulous people and deception.

The stone is considered a good energy conductor, capable of purifying a person’s room and thoughts, tuning in to positive emotions and harmonizing a person’s inner and outer selves.

Traditional healers give special preference to it; enchanted beads, which will constantly come into contact with the chest, will alleviate heart disease and normalize blood pressure. Massaging your back with epidote stones will help get rid of salt deposits.

Unakite rosary relieves stress, calms the nervous system, the stone feels very pleasant to the touch, with an absolutely smooth surface. Esotericists recommend relaxation sessions, self-immersion, and meditation.

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