Fluorspar, or fluorite: description, properties and application

Fluorite: description

Fluorite has an unusual feature - it perfectly copies the most expensive jewelry. Even scientists for a long time could not determine what kind of stone they had. The mineral is often passed off as ruby, sapphire and other precious gems. It has a glassy luster and extraordinary attractiveness. When heated, the gem glows perfectly in the dark.

The color scheme can be of various shades due to various impurities. Many minerals have a deep purple hue. It is almost impossible to find two identical crystals; they are often unevenly colored, the shades change smoothly, and the sections are dotted with strange patterns and lines.

Varieties, colors

Varieties of fluorite are distinguished by color:


They have a bright dark purple color, sometimes turning into black-violet.

Blue John

Represents two-colored breeds, the main tone of which is blue. Complementary colors are usually purple, white and yellow.


Bright green fluorites, reminiscent of emeralds, becoming brighter when heated.


Fluorite, which contains approximately the same amount of calcium and yttrium.


A stone with an isomorphic structure, in which up to 20% of calcium is replaced by yttrium or cesium.


A distinctive feature of violet-pink or violet-blue fluorites is their loose structure and granularity.

The main colors are the entire palette of green, yellow and purple. Minerologists believe that this gem, unlike others, has the richest and most varied colors.

Origin story

Fluorite gained fame back in ancient times in Greece. It was considered precious and sold very expensively; many were even convinced that it was akin to gold. The crystal was used to make jewelry and dishes, various vases and bowls, which could not be found today. Such products had an inner light, which added mystery and attractiveness.

The stone has several names. He received the truth from the German scientist Georg Bauer, who made the discovery that the mineral melts at high temperatures. It is also called fusible spar. People called it the “ore flower” because of its unusual colors and iridescent patterns.


As already mentioned, people have known the mineral fluorspar since ancient times. They also found a use for it quite quickly: small utensils, household items, and all kinds of decorations were made from it. For example, in Ancient Rome, vases made from it were called murine and were very highly valued.

With the development of metal processing, it was noticed that the mineral fluorite is an excellent flux, that is, it lowers the melting point of ores and simplifies the separation of slags.

Later, with the accumulation of some knowledge in chemistry, it also began to be used to obtain pure fluorine and its compounds. In particular, fluorite (formula CaF2) is still used as a raw material for the reaction that results in hydrofluoric acid. It is also used in many industrial applications, such as ceramics and stained glass designs. Thus, it is not easy to overestimate the importance of the fluorite mineral.

In addition, it is still necessary for the manufacture of enamels and glazes, it is used in high-precision specialized optics, the design of quantum light generators, and, of course, some specimens are valued by jewelers. With proper processing, the beauty of a gem increases many times over, so that it can compete with its more noble and rare counterparts.

Fluorite Magic

Fluorite and its magical properties became known in ancient times. Today, magicians and sorcerers constantly use crystal for their own purposes; it helps to gain strength and magical abilities. The stone is indispensable when conducting spiritualism sessions; it allows you to contact the world of the dead and otherworldly forces.

If you use the mineral as a talisman, you can gain reliable protection from negative thoughts and actions; it eliminates the envy of ill-wishers. Meditative practitioners also recommend using a crystal during classes; it helps to forget about problems and find inner harmony.

In ancient times, sorcerers and magicians constantly used the stone to lure more clients and make more profits. Many people were afraid of fluorite because of its ability to glow in the dark, but others were fascinated by this feature.

Today, the properties of fluorite are also considered wonderful; it is very popular among many people, in all nationalities and cultures:

  • Yogis and meditative practitioners believe that bracelets with crystals help to rise to a higher spiritual level, the violet spectrum of the human aura is completely opened, which helps to find balance and calm, eliminates bad thoughts and gives wisdom;
  • some believe that the crystal helps develop intuitive and magical abilities, opens clairvoyance, which is why all sorcerers always wear jewelry with the stone or keep it at home;
  • In East Asia, fluorite is adored and feared; local residents are convinced that it helps to completely change a person’s life.

Important information

Fluorite can be worn by all zodiac constellations; it does not harm anyone, it only has a positive effect on life.

In particular, the green mineral is distinguished; it can turn a pessimist into an optimist, relieves depression and gives happiness, helps to find inner harmony.

Interesting fact: alchemists who worked with the mineral for a long time began to consider it the stone of Satan. Everyone who tried to get it was severely poisoned, their teeth and bones were rapidly destroyed, and almost everyone died in terrible agony.

Despite the negative rumors about the ore flower, it is indeed very popular.

Jewelry with mineral

The price of fluorite jewelry ranges from 500 rubles to 2000 rubles.

So, bracelets and keychains can be purchased in online stores for 500 – 800 rubles. The same products in combination with fluorite and other stones (amethyst or carnelian) will cost a little less - from 200 rubles.

The price of fluorite beads and necklaces made in China ranges from 1,000 to 3,000 rubles.

Healing properties of fluorite

Fluorite is often used to treat headaches. To do this, it is recommended to use a mineral of natural origin without processing. When you feel constantly unwell, it is advisable to wear a pendant with a crystal on a chain all the time. If a person has epilepsy or sclerosis, then it is necessary to take advantage of the positive energy of the stone. It eliminates the consequences of stressful situations, hyperactivity syndrome, overexcitation and insomnia, and also relieves nightmares and phobias.

Experts have not yet been able to fully study the healing properties of fluorite, but some of them have been known for quite a long time:

  • it has a positive effect on the human nervous system, increases resistance to stress, reduces nervous excitement, relieves insomnia and fears, gives its owner strength for new achievements and deeds;
  • the stone is usually used to treat sclerosis and epilepsy;
  • has a positive effect on the body, general health and immunity, promotes longevity;
  • it is advisable to use it after a heart attack and stroke, when the brain should be constantly trained to restore motor activity;
  • has a positive effect on the kidneys and gastric organs;
  • helps get rid of meteorological dependence.

The mineral is suitable for everyone, without exception, to use as a talisman.

Areas of application of fluorite

The crystal has amazing properties, which is why it is used in various fields:

  1. The stone is considered valuable in industry and various fields, but is quite rare in jewelry. Incomparable colors and attractiveness are the main advantages, but fragility is considered a disadvantage. That is why it is rarely used to create high-value jewelry. It is mainly used in costume jewelry. Jewelers often use fluorite to imitate expensive gemstones such as ruby, aquamarine or emerald. It is often found in smooth and flattened shapes, but the most exquisite are those with raw crystals.

  2. The mineral is constantly used to create optical lenses for high-precision devices, cameras and cameras. It has a transparency stronger than ordinary glass.
  3. Hydrofluoric acid is often used in the aluminum industry.
  4. Stone is used all the time in the production of steel and non-ferrous metals. The result is milk glass, various enamel, and alloys.

Dishes, figurines and other products are extremely popular. Today they can often be found as souvenirs and gifts; they are sold in all countries of the world. Some individuals collect stone products and minerals without processing.

How to distinguish a fake?

Fluorspar is often itself a material for counterfeiting jewelry. Based on the color of the mineral, it can be mistaken for sapphire, emerald and many other stones.

  • Glass is often used to counterfeit fluorite products. But the hardness of the mineral is such that scratches remain on it much deeper than on glass.
  • Notches on the edges of the crystal are the second condition for genuine fluorite, because it is highly fragile.
  • To distinguish a fake, you can use an ultraviolet lamp: when heated under it, the real stone will begin to glow.
  • The density of natural stone is such that products made from it will be significantly heavier than products made from glass or plastic.

Types of stone and their characteristics

The mineral has a variety of colors and shades. This is why he is so highly regarded. Depending on the color, there are many types of stone:

  • dark purple is considered radioactive; if the crystal is hit sharply, it develops an unpleasant odor, because fluorine begins to react with oxygen;
  • ratovkite has a lilac or green tint, sometimes found in pink;
  • blue john is considered two-color, it has many blue stripes and a white color, such stones are very expensive, because they are quite rare in nature;
  • green - constantly changes color from light to dark depending on the air temperature;
  • yttrofluorite has yellow and brown tints;
  • colorless minerals are called optical minerals, they have a high value due to their rarity and exclusivity.

Fluorite instantly attracts attention with its strange and mysterious patterns and uneven color, which is immediately visible. All this can be easily explained by the impurities that are present in the composition. The appearance of the mineral depends on this.

When heated, the gem glows in the dark, which is both attractive and frightening.

Place of Birth

Fluorite stone is a fairly widespread mineral in nature, and at the moment it is also mined.

It is a sedimentary rock, so the presence of limestone or dolomite rock, or a geothermal source is necessary for its origin.

The mineral was discovered in Europe, the USA and Canada, as well as in Russia and the CIS countries. Its production in large volumes is carried out on the shores of the White Sea and in the Suran deposit.

How to care for fluorite

Experts recommend wearing crystals of different colors; a person’s energy will independently choose the required color, and the stone will begin to work positively. You can wear it in the form of beads, keychains or other jewelry.

Helpful information

Fluorite will only help individuals with good thoughts and honest intentions. If the owner is rude and irresponsible, then you should not expect good influence.

The stone cannot withstand impacts and temperature changes; it must be handled with care and precision. You should also care for it correctly:

  • the mineral should not be exposed to sharp temperatures;
  • if dropped or bumped, the stone may become damaged and break; it should be handled with care;
  • is easily scratched, so you need to store it separately, preferably in soft boxes;
  • When cleaning, do not use aggressive agents or soap; it is better to wipe with soft cloths;
  • periodically need to be washed under running water and kept in sunlight for some time to charge.

The mineral no longer requires any care, the main thing is that the owner treats it with love.

How to wear fluorspar?

Fluorite can be worn in the form of jewelry and keychains, processed or in its original form. You can sew fluorite into your clothes or just put it in your pocket. The main thing is to avoid contact with hard objects.

Esotericists believe that the best type of fluorite jewelry to wear is earrings and rings. The frame of the products can be silver or gold. It is better to wear the ring on the ring finger.

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Beads, necklaces and pendants look very stylish and delicate, but you should not overuse them. On the neck, this stone begins to dominate a person and can lead him astray.

Fluorite jewelry fits perfectly into any outfit. Thanks to the abundance of colors of the mineral, you can easily choose stylish accessories for any dress or holiday set. Bead earrings and bracelets can be worn by both young girls and older women. There is no age limit for jewelry made from fluorspar.

Prices for fluorite products

The cost of a rare unprocessed crystal can be up to 10 thousand rubles. It all depends on how unique the gem is, how many additional colors and inclusions it has.

For the most part, the price of jewelry with stones is not expensive; you usually need to pay about 700 rubles per carat; common varieties can cost even less.

The mineral should definitely be added to every person’s collection because of its unusual color. It can make any person attractive.

What stones does it go with?

Combination with Rose Quartz

Combination with Lapis Lazuli

Combination with Carnelian
Fluorite by its nature belongs to the element of Air. That is why it creates unpleasant vibrations in combination with stones of the Water element: opal, aquamarine, emerald, hematite, pearl, topaz, heliotrope, hashenite, alexandrite, etc. It is better not to combine these stones with fluorspar.

The energy of this mineral is well complemented by tourmaline, amethyst, rose quartz, lapis lazuli, carnelian, amazonite, sapphire, rock crystal, smoky quartz, hyacinth and other stones related to Air.

Fluorite and zodiac sign

Fluorite can be worn by all zodiac constellations without exception. However, some people need to take it off periodically, while others need to wear it constantly. If you wear such jewelry according to the rules, then it will definitely bring good luck and help radically change the life of its owner for the better.

You should learn about wearing rules:

  • Aries will be able to find peace of mind and rise to a higher level, become calm and learn to cope with excessive emotions;
  • Taurus can purchase a mineral of any color as decoration; it will definitely help to concentrate on important tasks and develop mental abilities, achieve success in their career and education, and universal recognition;
  • Gemini and Libra need to purchase jewelry in order to eliminate negative thoughts and provide themselves with reliable protection from bad influence from the outside and the envy of others;
  • Cancer and Virgo will be able to begin to communicate well with people around them, make new acquaintances and like-minded people, learn to cope with difficult situations and problems, and develop intuition abilities;
  • Leos will be able to learn to control their own emotions and avoid fits of rage;
  • Capricorns, Scorpios and Pisces will become calm and balanced, find success at work and in their own business, and climb the career ladder;
  • Sagittarians need to wear jewelry with caution, it should be removed periodically, not used too often, such stones are only suitable for short-term luck;
  • For Aquarians, jewelry will give inspiration and readiness for new achievements, and fill them with strength.

The gem has many interesting properties and is constantly used in industrial areas. Many people use it to gain success and good luck.

Where is the ore flower born?

The mineral is mined almost all over the world.

Countries where fluorspar is mined:

  • Germany;
  • Canada;
  • Norway;
  • USA;
  • France;
  • China;
  • Namibia. The list of countries is extensive.

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Large Russian fluorite deposits are located in Siberia. These are Buryatia and the Chita region.

There are about 9,000 known fluorspar deposits. Not everyone is rich in collectible fluorite specimens. Most of it is used in industry.

Excellent jewelry and collectible samples of the stone were mined in Great Britain, in the Blue John deposit in Derbyshire. Fluorite is now virtually absent from Blue John.

Interesting facts about fluorite

There are many interesting facts about fluorite that are worth mentioning:

  1. In the Middle Ages, there was an opinion that the mineral had the power of Satan. It is capable of releasing gas when reacting with sulfuric acid.
  2. In St. Petersburg, at the Mining Institute and its museum, there is an exhibition of a transparent crystal of enormous size. Its weight is 300 kg, which can truly surprise anyone.
  3. The crystal glows in the dark after being exposed to high temperatures.
  4. In London, in the Geology Museum, there is a huge vase about 76 cm high.

The mineral is still considered the most mysterious and enigmatic of all possible. It gives its owner only positive changes in life, is able to influence energy levels and improve well-being, and is used in healing. It is imperative to purchase such jewelry in order to feel all the amazing abilities.

Physicochemical characteristics

Fluorite is a unique mineral in that its formula contains fluorine. From the point of view of chemists, it is calcium fluoride.

  • The chemical formula is CaF2 .
  • Color - blue, purple, red, blue-green, yellow, brownish-yellow, white; happens to be colorless.
  • The shine is glassy.
  • Transparency - transparent, translucent.
  • Hardness - 4.
  • Density - 3.18 g / cm3 .

The mineral is fragile and soluble in hydrochloric acid (this releases toxic gas).

It glows under ultraviolet light. If you heat it up, it can glow in the dark.

The heated mineral becomes discolored. When irradiated with X-rays, the color is restored.

Some samples are radioactive, but do not pose a serious danger.

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